My child has Molluscum Contagiosum

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I debated if I was going to write about this or's challenging for me to write about serious things.  I prefer to laugh at situations.  I love finding the humor in everything...but when it comes to my daughter and the molluscum contagiosum on her leg there isn't one thing funny about it. 

What is molluscum contagiosum (mc)?
It's a viral infection that causes pearl like warts to appear on the body.  It's contagious and can be transmitted a multitude of ways some being skin to skin contact, sharing of clothes, toys, towels, and being in the same bath water.  Although contagious, it is not dangerous.  It's very common in children and in some cases adults transmit it, usually sexually.

This virus has been making my life a living hades for the past year!

We noticed bumps on Little Monster's legs summertime of last year.  We didn't think too much of them.  We thought it was simply a heat rash or pimple.  The popping of one quickly dismissed that thought from our mind.  Inside the pimple/wart was a tiny, hard, white ball.  Left in it's place on Monster's leg was an indent from where the ball had been removed. 

We have taken Monster to see multiple different doctors since then.  Each one saying, "It will go away on it's own..."  This was fine until Monster developed eczema around the mc.  Of course eczema is itchy and we bound her legs with wraps, put her in leggings to keep her from itching it...but even still it developed in to something worse.  What's worse than bumps on your legs with dry skin...having the dry skin turn in to an open wound.

This open wound worries me.  It comes and goes and often she gets bacterial infections in it.  No matter how much we clean it, bleach bathe her, Vaseline just doesn't seem to make long term differences.    We've done many different creams, antibiotics and being so extreme it's typically given to cancer patients.  Next week I am taking Monster in and requesting (more like demanding) a skin biopsy.  I want to make sure there is nothing preventing this wound from healing.  Since it is contagious Bug caught it six months later.  This doesn't surprise me because they do bathe together, sleep together, they are sisters they are always together.  The difference is that Bug's mc has not developed in to rashes, eczema or anything related to that.  In fact, Bug's mc is slowly disappearing from her legs.  Seeing Bug's reaction be so different from Monster's really worries me....  Just making me more firm on insisting on a skin biopsy.

The embarrassment of Monster having the virus is horrible.  Parents see it and gasp "What's on her leg?"  This makes Monster self conscious and embarrassed...sending me in to mama tiger mode where I just want to scream "FUCK OFF!"  Instead I calmly try and explain that it's mc with eczema and that it is contagious and but we wrap it and take all preventive measures when having her with other children and the only way another child is going to get it is if they are wrapped up in each other.

Another form of embarrassment is when stupid people say, "It's an STD!"  And look at you like your some sort of monster.  Yes, in some cases it is an STD.  But Monster does not have anything on or near her genitals.  - thankyouverymuch -  Now please "Shut your whore mouth!" A'la   mommywantsvodka

With Monster coming up on Pre-School I want to make sure that this is under control. 

Short story...while in high school I dated a guy with psoriasis.  He was very self conscious about his skin and would get very ignorant questions from people...both kids and adults.  Discussing this with him was heartbreaking because even though I could see patches of dry skin it never bothered me.  No, his skin wasn't perfect....but whose is?  To me, he was still beautiful.  To me, my daughter is still beautiful.  But not everyone is like me and can see past the small flaws in a person.

Why did I write about this?  I feel like I just need to get it out...  Looking around the internet I didn't see much about it.  Less than 20% of children get mc and eczema combined....  Where are the rest of the parents like me?  Do they live in fear of how their children will get treated when school comes?  Do they wake up in the middle of the night checking on their own Little Monster to make sure that he/she isn't scratching, that the wraps are still on, and that there is still cream on their skin? 

Next week, I will attend my first medical appointment at John Hopkins' to hopefully find out more about Monster's condition....wish me luck! 

This is my Little Monster.  She has mc.  She's beautiful.