Honey Recommended to Treat Typhoid Fever

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Aloe-Vera, Honey, Cure For Typhoid Fever
By SADE OGUNTOLA, Nigerian Tribune, 5/19/2006

ONE of the commonest diseases in sub-Sahara Africa is fever and millions of people both young and old become victims of it. A report once said that 2 to 3 million children die of malaria every year in sub-Sahara Africa. However due to the warm tropical nature of our continent, many Africans are said to be prone to fever and one of the commonest fever in this part of the world is typhoid fever.

Both typhoid and paratyphoid fevers are easy to treat and cure according to submissions of many medical experts. The uncountable number of lives lost either by act of omission or commission or even as a result of share ignorance on the disease need not be. One of the reasons, highlighted for the fatal nature of both typhoid and paratyphoid fevers is inability of many patients to properly diagnose them at the appropriate time once they are plagued with fever. Many take it for ordinary malaria and in the process of trying to treat what many do refer to as either relapsing or stubborn fever ,have had to answer the divine call untimely.

Typhoid and paratyphoid fever occur most often in environments with poor sanitation and any unhygienic individual should realise that he is a potential candidate for typhoid fever…

To use the Aloe-Vera and pure honey to prevent and cure typhoid fever, the naturopath said pure honey, Aloe-Vera and the white part of egg should be properly mixed together, stressing that the mixture is even more effective than many antibiotic popularly used for anti-typhoid orthodox drugs. The naturopath said that to make the herbal remedy very effective, only the white part of the egg from a local chicken should be used to prepare the anti-typhoid and paratyphoid therapy.

Also, the herbal medicine practitioner said one table spoon of gin could also be mixed with the combination. If Aloe-Vera is not available, Onifade said egg white, pure honey and a minimum of three pieces of small size dry pepper can be grinded and mixed together for the therapy to be more effective. “The small dry pepper would be grinded , sieved and then poured into pure honey. The pepper to be used is the small red type which is very pungent and called Capsicum frutescens. Garlic, he emphasised could also be mixed with pure honey containing this egg white. But the garlic would have to be grinded before it is mixing with the anti-typhoid therapy.

This remedy can be taken in the morning and night or thrice a day with just two spoonful of it at a dose. This therapy kills the salmonella organism responsible for typhoid fever. The herbal practitioner advised people to make good hygiene their priority also counseling that people should always wash their hands after visiting the toilet.