How to Start a Poultry Farm In Nigeria

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The slogan that “ there are no job in Nigeria” has no root with those who will take time to study these process of poultry farming. Many have not taken time to venture into this lucrative business that is fetching some Nigerians lots of money.
This article is will help you go through the steps on how to start poultry farming in Nigeria.
“poultry farming in Nigeria is not an easy route or short cut to being a millionaire!” I have seen articles and studies that give unrealistic profits forecast on paper.
I have seen a feasibility study give the impression that one can invest N750, 000.00 in poultry farming and realize over a 200 thousand naira in profit over 6 months
If this is true and it is true, then think of what you stand to gain in 12 months, or 24 mo

There are basically three types of chicken. They are:
1. The pullets popularly known as Layers: Layers are reared for egg production and most lucrative but more stressing compare to the other once.
2. The Broiler Chicken: Broilers are reared for meat production; The Broilers grows very faster and are ready for sale at 12 weeks from hatch.
3. The third is the cockerel: This is also reared for meat production. . Cockerels grow slower and can take up to twenty four weeks before they are matured for marketing.
Cockerels are reliable in terms of survival and withstanding bad weathers. They are more resilient, and can absorb shocks far better than Layers and Broilers.
Research Your Product
As the “first things first!” saying goes, you will need to carry out a proper research on poultry farming.  You need to know the pros and the cons in the business, have all grounds covered before getting started.
Research on the following:
  • Various breeds of birds
  • What to look for while selecting day old chicks
  • What each breed eats
  • Their life span
  • How often they lay eggs if they are layers
  • How to care for them
  • Housing requirements
  • Chicken illnesses, symptoms, causes and cures
  • And other challenges
If you are looking to fully get into poultry farming in Nigeria, I recommend that you acquire a plot or two of land. Buying a land to situate your poultry firm can be said to be the most expenses you will make in the poultry business but you should see it as an asset which it definitely is. Because if by any chance the business fails, you can sell off the land and recover some of your capital. Here are some tips to land acquisition for your farm.
You should acquire land in rural or remote areas. This is because land in such less developed areas is cheap. You can get 3 or 4 plots of land in the rural area for the price of 1 plot of land in the city. However, you will not have to bother with animal/human cohabit polices.
Make sure that the land you acquire is accessible so that your birds can be transported to the urban area for sell.
Housing for your birds is another important factor to consider before you can start your own poultry farming in Nigeria. Here are a few basic tips;
  • You should construct a well ventilated coop (hen house) for your chickens; well aired but not too warm. Your coop should be able to keep off rodents, snakes, cats and other predators.
  • Ensure there is enough space for the birds to move around. The space helps curtail an outbreak of epidemic.
  • Make sure that your coop is easily accessible, as you will need to make regular visits to feed, refill water and clean the coop.
  • Include a roosting area in your coop (if you have layers)
  • Employ a means for handling or disposing chicken manure/ waste.
  • Visit any reputable poultry farm to see how the house is constructed.
Chicken feed
Your birds will need a properly prepared chicken feed that is the right type for their breed, age, for growth and sustenance. To make sure that your birds grow fast and stay healthy, buy quality chicken feed products. You can buy such chicken feeds in any animal product store close to you. As there are different types of feeds in the market, make sure you are buying the right kind of feed that suits your birds at every point in time (e.g. chick starter, Broiler starter, Layer feeds etc. There are locally made feeds. I would advise that if you will have to use these locally formulated feeds, be sure of what you are doing.
When it comes to feeding your chickens, here are a few basic tips;
chicken feeding trough
  • Birds eat small amounts of feed frequently, so fill the chicken’s feeders so that food will be available always. Or you can feed them at certain times of the day (morning and evening).
  • Chickens do not eat in the dark so you must have the lights on for the birds to eat in the night.
  • Make sure feed is stored in a dry cool environment
  • Do not feed your birds’ moldy food. It will harm them.
  • Make sure there is always clean drinking water.
  • Check on the feeders and water troughs often; so you can remove chicken droppings from them.
To guarantee constant production of chicken and eggs, your birds must be regularly checked by a veterinary doctor to ensure their good health. Your chickens should be vaccinated to prevent all bird related diseases like bird flu, fowl cholera, fowl pox etc. I advise you have a personal vet doctor for your chickens.
Maintenance Tips
  • Clean out your poultry farm regularly and disinfect your coop on a regular basis to avoid diseases.
  • Use wood shavings for your coop floor.
  • If you are a starter in poultry farming in Nigeria, I recommend you start small and then grow over time.
  • A heat lamp must be available at all times in your poultry farm to keep the chickens warm, especially during the raining season.
  • Poultry business requires time and attention
  • Note that as breeds of chickens are different, so are their feeds and medication.
It takes just 6 to 8 weeks for broiler chickens to be grown enough for meat and 18 to 20 weeks for layers to start laying eggs. Layer farming can be said to be the most profitable of all poultry farming. This is because Layer chickens will do two things for its farmer; they will lay eggs which fetch money in the market, and when they have past their prime, they will be sold for the meat. Either way, poultry farming in Nigeria is and will always be a money making venture for anyone that takes the advantage.
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