Red Spots On Roof Of Mouth And Sore Throat

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Cherry 4LDchnord in Raid Artois4L

This Saturday 29 and Sunday, May 30, Cherry 4LDchnord embarked on a raid friendly, colorful and mainly through the effective appetite for Students Challenge!

Organized by the Association HFR Top Hiking France, this small weekend memorable was the second edition of the Artois 4L! More than 200Km traveled two days in the heart of landscapes régionnaux.

Program: discovery, challenge, solidarity, love, mud, drink, camping etc.. 4L mostly short and crews ready to explore new horizons through trails, tracks and rural villages.

Saturday, our Cherry and his crew of shock is Thibaut (pilot), Julien (First Officer) and myself (Coach! ^ ^) have traveled more than 80km of tracks and paths.

Back at the campsite Castle Equirre an evening around the barbecue 4Leux, rest for our small protected and a good night's sleep in the rain to deal with the aftermath of the 150Km Roadbook. And yes, it is adventurer or it is not!;)

Sunday, so it's a particularly soggy path ahead of us for even more exciting passages!

short, the pictures stink louder than words and I invite you to find all the pictures of the 2nd edition of Artois 4L Cherry 4Ldchnord on site HFR , our profiles Facebook to Cherry, Theo and I and the entire community 4L ^ ^