How to Cure Common Cold?

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Generally common cold is caused by  maore than hundred different types of viruses. Rhinovirus, Coronovirus, Syncitialvirus often become the cause of cold. When cold problem comes due to bacterial infection we can easily cure them by taking antibiotics since there are many varieties of them in allopathy. But, we can cure cold that caused by virus only through natural treatments.

Let us find in this article different home remedies that would be much effective and helpful to get rid of common cold as quick as possible. Common cold is often combined with
other complaints like nasal congestion, head ache, sneezing, throat pain and etc.

Drink Hot Water or Coffee 

Frequent drinking of hot water will help you avoid first dehydration and nasal congestion. A hot coffee makes you free from head ache and helps releif from severe head ache.

Drink Hot Lemon Soup

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C and this vitamin content naturally helps to reduce cold as well as to come out of tiredness. You can add a pinch of pepper, cumin and salt for tast e to soup and the same ingredients will also work against cold.

Jeera Water (Cumin Seeds)

This is so easy to prepare and an effective remedy for cold. Cumin seeds contain good amount of almost all micro nutrients that can increase immunity power in our body. Taking two or three cups of hot jeera water will certainly let you act brisk when you feel lack of energy.

Gargling Hot water with common salt

Gargling above combination may help in case you have throat pain due to cold. It is very effective in soothing your throat when you suffer much because of viral infections.

Inhale Benzoin Tincture

It's an easy method of treatment which can be a good mean of coming out of nasal congestion. Let few drops of Benzoin tincture into the vessel contains at least two litres of hot water. Inhale the steam by covering your self with a blanket. However, better to avoid frequent inhaling steam.

Use Medicated Balm

Whenever you are miserable with your cold problem, you can use your favourite medicated balm on your nose and fore head. But, you should apply it gently and in small quantities.