Poor Baby

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WOOHOO! I am here again today- so far the blog is working out!

Well- yesterday I was supposed to take the kids to the doctor in the morning. Toot was going for follow up immunization shots, and Goob needed some new allergy medicine because he has this horrible hacking dog bark cough. Blech.
Well first thing in the morning Toot decided he didn't want shots -so instead he would get sick and run a fever. I took the kids in anyways to check on Goob's dog bark, and find out the problem with Toot's fever. Goob, was fine -we got Zyrtec so that should help him out, but Toot has HERPANGINA! WTH? Sounds gross huh? He has blisters in the back of his throat ( now also one on his tongue and lip) that make it hard to eat or swallow, and causes fever, headaches, and can even turn into hand, foot and mouth disease. Poor baby! I thought he was ok for most of the morning, but after his naptime came around it was just constant high fever all day. He didn't feel like eating a thing and by bedtime he didn't even want to drink anything. Then his fever shoots up to almost 104, and he starts shaking. Which freaks me out more than anything because I gets all kinds of crazy ideas in my head about seizures and brain frying, ehhh! SO we called the doctor and he finally decided to get some fluids in, the shaking was just chills from the high fever- i guess- which quickly subsided. He soaked in the tub with me for a bit to help lower the fever and that seemed to help quite a bit. Finally we went to sleep- only to wake back up at 1:47 am, try Tylenol again, threw it up all over the bed, finally got some down, and ZONK! Passed back out.
This virus sucks. He's been so clingy all day- which at times would drive me nuts because I can't get anything done, but I realized today that his cuddly clingyness is one of the best things about being a parent. He knows how much I love him, and that Mommy is there to protect and take care of him. That thought made me feel so good. Because it's completely true. I want my little
Toot to get better quick- I hate being helpless and seeing him feel bad :(