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all of the ways we were sick before have happened again it seems.  just a replay really.  even going all the way back to henry's mild case of the chicken pox.  can you have a mild case of the chicken pox twice?

it's difficult to remember what happened when, but you might remember william's strange case of the stomach flu late last week.  that led to greg and i both fighting off a second case of the stomach flu all that weekend, which we seem to have successfully done.  on monday, william came home from school feeling achy and feverish, though he was completely recovered by the next morning.  but that night i also began feeling bad.  i should have known something wasn't right when my morning tea and mid-morning coffee did nothing to keep me from feeling sluggish that day in class.  on tuesday i stayed in bed.  achy, a horrible sore throat, which i continue to have, but never feverish.  i think it was that morning, when greg asked me how i was feeling and i said, 'still crappy' that he responded he thought henry might have chicken pox (which is going around their school).  so one night, sometime before that morning, maybe last weekend, he'd had a fever.  we sent him to school though, because the symptoms were questionable (only a few spots on his face), his spirits were high, greg needed to work, i was sick, and apparently once it gets to the point of spots, he would have already been spreading it, if that's what it was.  in the course of all this, william got maybe one or two spots on his face and henry's hasn't gotten any worse.  so who knows for now.  wednesday i seemed mostly recovered until around noon, when the achy feeling returned, though not to the same extent as the day prior.  today i was still achy until a dose of ibuprofen which i haven't needed to repeat, so i must be getting over it.  just in time to take over responsibilities from greg, who came home with the same symptoms.

so that's what you've missed in this unintentionally long break from posting.  not very exciting.  not even anything to complain about, given how mild it's all been.  just continuous, that's all.  sort of like the cold weather here.  we thought for a minute we were past it, and then it returned.  tomorrow is -1C and the weekend ranges between -8 and -4 with snow both days.  but february's a short month, and i have to think that in denmark, it really is spring beginning in march.

here, a little video to show you what henry's all about these days as soon as we get home from school.  it's sideways for a lot of it, and there's nothing i can do about it except remember in the future to turn my phone sideways when i take the video so that it's upright when it plays...