It's dark,

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so I finally had to come in from the garden. I'm definitely late getting my flowers and vegetables in this year. I've felt less badly about that than I normally would because  the weather has been so rainy and snowy (yes snow in May) up until now.

But today was the day.  Actually, much of the pre-work was done on Monday when Gary and I did the clean out and loosening of the soil.  On Monday evening we had a little gathering here with all the neighbors that we share fences with.  Because they were coming, we felt the need to make the yard at least look tidy.

Our fence has been falling down for several years and it is definitely time to do something.  If there was any doubt about that, it was dispelled after Wednesday night.   On Wednesday, for a fundraiser activity, the youth in the ward came and cut down our lilac bushes (that were dead).  The next morning the fence was practically lying on the ground.   The dead lilac bushes were definitely the braces holding the fence up.  I took some pictures of the fallen down fence, but the pictures are no where to be found on my camera.  I would maybe think I was hallucinating about taking the pictures, except that I also took a picture of Gary acting like he was holding it up.  So I have collaboration that I took the pictures.  But I just don't have the pictures.

Anyway, I planted all the front yard annuals and a few back yard annuals today.  I didn't want to plant too many in the back yard because I figure they would get somewhat trampled when we put in the new fence.  But, I did plant some seeds that my friend, Barbara, gave me for Christmas.

It is amazing what she does with the seeds.  She gathers them from flowers and plants everywhere she can--even as far away as New York (where here daughter lives).  She packaged them all up with instructions and descriptions. Here is a picture of some of them and the beautiful butterfly garden book she made me.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Well, I'm tired. 
It's been a busy, but good, day.