Blog #4

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Again, I am surprised of how technology is used to help kids understand and keep interested in projects. When I went to school science was hard for me. If I had the opportunity to use WISE during projects my science knowledge would be so different.

Having an actual and a virtual field trip helps studens to better understand the world of science. These types of actives encourage students to think out loud and problem solve. Thinking out loud and problem solving with other students questioning each others thinking will make all students more involved.

When casual maps are used students start to understand the relationships between different data. They also better understand the cause and effect of the data. The most beneficial thing about the causal maps is that when a student wants to change the data he/she must explain why. Which does cause the students to interact more with each other. This isn't only good for learning about the subject at hand, but it also gives the student a better ability to argue his/her points more effective. This type on thinking can only be learn as a student does it, practice makes perfect. This type of learning also help the teacher understand what is being learned. Teachers also find that students are able too think in a complete circle and are able to self correct. The most impressive thing about causal maps is that the thinking become visible.