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Did I ever mention I have been sick? I have never been sick since I lived in the States but it seems like every time I come to Korea I get sick. But this time it was pretty serious, or at least it seemed so. I have been really tired constantly day and night. Combined with little cold, it got pretty bad so I went to a doctor last Thursday and got myself checked out. By then, the cold went away. But I still got a blood test, urine test, and x-rays on my chest and head because I was so sure there was something wrong with me. I dont know why I got the x-rays but other tests seemed pretty reasonable. I thought I had mono or something similar because I am SOOOOO tired all the time. But yea I got the results back this morning and they didnt find anything.....

It's weird. I dont feel all that tired today. I actually studied and it is one in the morning. But I dont feel all that bad. Maybe it is all psychological. I wish I knew for sure. Oh well. I am just going to think positive from now on. We will see what happens. Night.

This is one awfully written blog. Sorry. I really want to go to bed.