Webquest Part 3

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Part A

1.  What virus is believed to have killed more people in history than any other infectious disease?
The smallpox virus is believed to killed more people than any other virus.

2.  Who developed the first vaccine (inoculation)?     In what year?     Against what virus?

Edward Jenner was the one who developed the inoculation in 1796.  It was against smallpox

3.  Vaccines work by injecting people with similar, weakened, or dead forms of a pathogen in order to increase immunity in the host. To create the first inoculation, Jenner infected his patient with what virus?    Did it work?

Jenner infected his patient with the cowpox virus and yes it did work even though it was very unethical the way he did it. 
4.  What body system helps you when a pathogen (virus or bacteria) invades the body?
Your immune system helps you when a pathogen invades your body. 
5.  Describe in detail how a vaccine help your immune system to fight off pathogens?
A vaccine exposes your body to a less threatening version of the pathogen in the vaccine and your body then recognizes and quickly eliminates the pathogens counterpart if it were to ever invade your body. 

Part B

Similar-Pathogen Vaccine is the Smallpox Virus

You begin with another virus that is similar to the virus and yet different enough not to bring on the disease once it enters your body. 

Attenuated Vaccine is the Measles Virus

You need to alter these types of viruses so that they will invade cells in the body and use those cells to make copies of itself.  The virus must be similar to the original virus to stimulate an immune response but not so similar to bring on the disease. 

Killed Vaccine is the Polio Virus

You need to disable this viruses pathogen's replicating ability while trying to keep its shape and other characteristics intact so that your body will generate an immune response against the actual pathogen. 

Toxoid Vaccine is Tetanus

You need to condition the immune system to combat a toxin produced by that invading virus or bacteria. 

Subunit Vaccine is Hepatitis B

You just use a small portion of the pathogen in the vaccine, just to stimulate an immune response in the body. 

Naked-DNA Vaccine is HIV

You use a gene from a pathogen to generate an immune response. 

2.  Choose one type of vaccine that is the most interesting to you and complete the interactive instructions.  Summarize the steps you took to create the vaccine.
Similar Pathogen Vaccine: Smallpox
1. Collect fluid from pustules on the cow's udder
2. purify to isolate the viruses
3.Fill syringe with the purified virus
4.Can now use as a vaccine

Part C

1.  How many people die from rabies each year? (How many people every 10 minutes?)
Every year 55 thousand die that is one person e
very 10 minutes.
2.  What causes rabies? 
A Bullet shaped virus causes rabies. 

3.  Where is the rabies virus found?
Every where except Antarctica.
4.  What animals in North America can carry rabies (specific names)?
Raccoons, Skunks, bats, foxes, wolves, mongoose, dogs, and cats. 

5.  How does rabies spread?
Saliva is how rabies spread.
6.  What body system is affected with rabies?
Nervous system
7. Are rabies shot really horrible for people?  How are they given?
They don't hurt and they are given in your arm. 
8. What steps should you take to prevent rabies?
Always vaccinate your pets against rabies

Stay away from stray or wild animals

What Animals are most likely to be rabid?
Any animal that is not vaccinated but Most common are: Dogs, Foxes, Raccoons, Skunks, Bats

Describe rabies symptoms in humans. 
Start of Flu like then they go into hallucination, tingling at the wound site, you can't sleep, lots of salivating, you start to have respiratory problems, then heart problems, then you go into a coma, have paralysis and then die. 

How are acyclovir and herpes related?
Acyclovir is used to repress the herpes virus.