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The moonsoon period will be arriving in the 30 days of  Aug,2012,.The Stressing of Dengue high temperature become begain in the people. The challenging factor is that many monsoon relevant diseases discuss identical signs (such as high temperature and system ache). Originally, it can be challenging to know what you're experiencing. However, according to my encounter, although the signs may be the same, there are some recognizable differences in the way that they happen.
Malaria and Dengue Fever

•          Viral Fever -- a long-lasting and extreme high temperature, associated with serious chills and system pain. I had it twice in Varkala, Kerala a few years ago.  Both times, it survived for three days, then went away as easily as it came.
Malaria and Dengue fever

•          Dengue Fever -- a long-lasting high temperature, plus inflammed and joint pain, and a allergy. After the high temperature, my handy and toe joint parts grown and began injuring, and I got a pin-prick looking allergy over my thighs, hands and chest. 
Malaria and Dengue

•          Malaria -- a brief lengthy lasting, persistent high temperature, associated with chills and system pain.  The brief period and repeat of signs are what really identify malaria from other diseases. My high temperature and chills survived around five time and time, but came back every second day (consistent with the parasite lifestyle cycle). It sensed like the start of a flu that would surprisingly come and go.
The kinds and harshness of both dengue high temperature and malaria are varying. I had gentle situations of both (including P.vivax malaria, versus the deadly P.falciparum). However, when interacting with malaria, you must get it handled as soon as possible, before the parasite has a opportunity to impact too many red system tissues.  Therapy of uncomplicated situations is quite uncomplicated, and can simply contain taking a sequence of pills.
If you're worried about the opportunity of capturing any of these diseases in Pakistan, the most crucial factor to keep in thoughts is the environment. The occurrence of sickness does differ every season, and from position to position in Pakistan. Malaria isn't a real issue in Pakistan during the dry winter seasons, but breakouts of it do happen during the monsoon, particularly when it's seeing regularly. Last monsoon in Pakistan, dengue high temperature was more of a issue as the rainfall was short. This season, dengue is distributing in Pakistan.