NYPA CSC Installation 2004

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The New York Power Authority (NYPA) installed a CSC (convertible static compensator) near the Marcy Substation. The CSC allows operators to switch 200 MW from one transmission line to another.

The CSC cost $54 million dollars, and according to the NYPA president they did not anticipate ever recovering this money----:

"In that regard, I should note that we have no assurance as to when—if ever—we’ll recover our investment in the CSC through transmission congestion contracts. But—as a public entity—we recognized an obligation to demonstrate this technology without delay so others could adapt it to their own systems." http://www.nypa.gov/press/speeches/2005/50912a.htm

If $54 million dollars is such a high price for 200 MW how can NYRI's project ($2.1 billion for 1200 MW) be economically feasible?