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One look at a couple of pictures of herpes and the concept of what this STD can do is real. Not only is herpes extremely hideous they can be debilitating and unpleasant also. There are three major classifications of herpes. The most prevalent are known as Simplex 1 and Simplex 2 which we will talk about here.

Herpes that surface on the face are tough to hide. The lips have many bubbles on them and they may become swollen. These are grouped as Simplex 1 and many people simply identify them as cold sores. Herpes is to blame for chicken pox. Most people get the chicken pox and then the virus stays in the body but dormant. It never goes away but it never leaves the spinal region. You can also suffer from herpes of the genitals. These are considered Simplex 2 herpes. You may come across some pictures that feature herpes on a person's arms, legs, or torso. This is referred to as shingles.

Having shingles is distressing and it can prevent the individual from being able to perform routine activities. Shingles can be a persistent problem in which the entire body is covered in sores. Research hasn't been able to identify why this occurs but it has been discovered that stress and a weak immune system can be a trigger.

If you suffer from herpes, it's imperative to keep in mind that in many cases, the initial outbreak is by far the worst and most acute. Later outbreaks of genital herpes are likely to be fairly moderate in nature.

Moreover you will find out that herpes is not a life sentence or the end of your sex life. Once you understand the virus better you will be able to relax and live a normal life again. It is important to remember to find photographs of genital herpes in the early stages of the outbreak. In doing so you will see that in most cases of an outbreak it is first experienced as a few blisters that will later burst and become scabs which will dry up and heal in a couple of weeks.

If you think you are afflicted, conducting some research and looking at genital herpes pictures can go a considerable ways in putting your mind at ease. Knowing is better than not knowing, and genital herpes shots can perhaps furnish some assistance. If you even have the tiniest inkling that you might be infected with the virus however, it is crucial that you see your medical doctor immediately. Do not wait. While this article may be helpful, it does not constitute official medical advice. As with most medical matters, the best thing to do is to be better safe than sorry and see your medical doctor.

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