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What is Disease, With Powerpoint Templates?
Acourding to Powerpoint Templates, Disease is defined as a departure from health, and includes any condition that impairs normal body functions. Disease Powerpoint Templates results from a combination of indirect causes that reduce resistance or predispose an animal to catching a disease, as well as the direct causes that produce the disease. Direct causes can be divided into two main categories, infectious and non-infectious. Some of the non-infectious conditions may result in reduced immune response (e.g. problems with nutrition), or increased contact with infectious organisms (e.g. poor housing and management), and will lead to increased incidences of infectious diseases.
In contrast to modern poultry production, village-based poultry production is often characterised by a range of diseases Powerpoint Templates occurring at the same time. Most often free-range poultry have sub-clinical infections with a high number of endoparasites and ectoparasites.More Info VISIT Here

Disease as a Cause of Poultry
The low productivity in traditional systems is mainly due to high mortality, which is caused by mismanagement, diseases, lack of nutritional feeding and predators. In traditional systems the mortality has been estimated to be in the range of 80 - 90% within the first year after hatching (Permin and Hansen, 1998). In most family poultry flocks, disease is an important problem. Diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of diseases are of major importance to any attempts at increasing productivity. In commercial production systems chickens are therefore routinely vaccinated against major diseases such as Newcastle Disease, Mareks Disease, Infectious bronchitis, Avian Influenza and others, depending on the specific situations and recommendations in each country.
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