CHICKEN POX...Come and Get Me!!!

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Since many of you have young children of your own, I thought it would be a good time to share this story with you. Some of you have probably heard it before, but believe do not want to forget about it if your children have not yet had the CHICKEN POX!
Many mothers may think that if their children have not had the chicken pox by the time they start to school that it is perfectly okay to allow their children to purposely expose themselves to friends who have the chicken pox. That was my thinking when Windy was in the 1st grade and had not had the dreaded disease. I thought if she would go ahead and get them, then Jonathan would get them before he started school and we would be done with the chicken pox once and for all.

Windy' s best friend at the time lived next door and had the chicken pox. In fact, all three of the children who lived next door had the chicken pox. Now Windy was a very healthy child who never got to go to the doctor except for routine check-ups. She never missed school because she never got sick. When she found out her best friend had the chicken pox, I honestly think she was jealous. She wanted to experience for herself all the fun children must have when they get to stay home from school. All I know is that she wanted to get them really bad. She aske me if she could go play next door and she even told me her plan. "I'm gonna go over there and I'm gonna rub all over Brooke." And that is exactly what she did!
I know, you are thinking, "What kind of mother would let her child go and intentionally expose herself to the chicken pox?" ME!!! I thought..."Okay, it's about time to get this dreaded disease over with!" So, Windy went next door to play. She made sure she rubbed all over Brooke and came home about an hour later. I was sitting in the living room when she came bouncing through the front door as happy as a lark. She went directly to the couch half running and flung herself onto it in an all sprawled out laying position. With a smile from ear to ear, she raised her hands toward Heaven and said with all her might, "CHICKEN POX...COME AND GET ME!" Believe me, THEY DID!

That poor baby had the worst case of the chicken pox that I have ever seen to this day. She was sooooo sick, she felt soooo bad. I went into her room on one of her worst days and found her on her bed sobbing. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "I will NEVER ask for ANYTHING to come and get me again!!!" She probably hasn't to this very day.

Maybe that is why I've heard Windy tell her boys thousands of times, "You don't need EVERYTHING you ask for..."