Theme Gardens

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   One of the joys I find while gardening is having smaller theme gardens. These can be tiny areas within a garden adorned with chotchkies or a theme using certain plants for effect. I know that white gardens are popular & the herb garden which has been around for centuries. I like to pick up small chotchkies for small theme gardens. It makes shopping garage sales/flea markets more interesting (since I’m always in the hunt for something specific). Right now I have a barnyard garden with chickens, roosters, pigs & cows. They fill in some room early on before the plants start to spread. (My plants have grown quite a bit since these were taken, but small items are easy to move around!) I also have an angel garden with smaller pieces & I keep other ‘gardening angels’ around my beds for nice interest. I also have a bunny garden that includes a nice stepping stone. One of my garden club members has an adorable small scale fairy garden. This is fun to try with tiny plants in scale to your pieces. (Moss & other plants can take on a whole new feel when scaled differently). Although not all in the same spot in my garden, I do like to pick up pretty pitchers at the sales & tuck them around my beds. When it rains I have ready water to pour right there. These gardens all make nice destinations for your garden visitors!
    Although there are some now, the garage/tag sales with be starting up again in full force come September. When you’re scanning all those tables, look with a fresh eye & something may spark your interest!