Bird flu

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Bird flu

Approached the bird flu from the Middle East, especially after the disease that caused the disease in the killing of several people in the nearby Arab countries geographically Turkey, and on this, the danger has become at the gates of the region that may not actually tread. Perhaps many questions present themselves strongly now perhaps some of which revolves around the extent of safety enjoyed by the Kingdom of the disease? Can the disease be transmitted from one person to another? Before answering these and other questions, it is the first topic to start from the beginning.

* What is bird flu?
 Bird flu is an infectious disease respiratory caused by a virus (a type of viral infection) infects and spreads among birds usually human and affects as birds and affects all types of poultry including, land and especially chickens, ducks, geese, birds, amphibians also can infect other species of animals such as pigs, and cause the death of birds and humans . By the grace of God that this virus is characterized by intense specialization in the species they infect, but this does not prevent that in some rare cases, the virus changes its course to infect human.
The wild birds are the source and shelter to the virus, especially in periods of bird migration and moving as they are sometimes carrying him in her womb without infection but cause the transmission of the virus and the outbreak among chickens, ducks, turkeys and lead to kill her, and did not in the past movement of contagion to humans but was sandwiched between birds, water birds are also in charge of the first to begin the spread of infection and transmission to poultry.
There has been a boom in genetic and genetic composition of the virus enabled him to transfer the infection from infected birds to humans, and there is also a confirmation that the cause of injury is the direct exposure of live birds, infected with the virus through their secretions mucous Kalab or secretions in general and their droppings This virus may live in raw meat and transferred him from infected birds. It is easy for this virus to comment on the hair and clothes can also be entered into the human body through inhalation.

* What is the cause of the disease?
- Is a virus of the influenza virus type A is similar to the virus human influenza Since there are three types of influenza A, p B r C r virus, but the most common or the Registrar is the only type A, a mutant virus changes its composition from time to time, making vaccination against it often is Magdih.thtoy composition on all kinds of Hema Jlutinan Hemaglutinine from H1 to H15 and all types of Alenyor Aminedaz Neuraminidase from N1 to N9, these viruses will be present when the birds without symptoms or may cause mild symptoms, but only viruses bearing for H5 or H7 are turning to become severe dangerous and cause symptoms killer 100% when the birds are able to move to human.
So far scientists have been able to inventory 15 kinds of chicken flu virus and the most dangerous and pathogenesis of known types H5N1, H7N7
Bird flu has appeared in nearly a hundred years and was the first country to have seen his appearance is Italy, and in 1983 an epidemic occurred in America bird flu was H5 type, and N2 and first appeared epidemic in the form of a simple infection among poultry and the occurrence of a few deaths among them, but that during the 6 months only spread of the disease is endemic in chickens until they have killed 17 million birds, including that process, costing about $ 65 million has not been practical to control the epidemic until after a full year.
In 1992, another pandemic occurred, but this time in Mexico and it was H5 type, and N2.
In 1997 wounded 18 people, bird flu H5 N1 / A in Hong Kong whom died 6 In 1999 type virus have been two human cases detected in Hong Kong, as well as two cases in 2003, as another pandemic occurred in Italy which is where the virus was found in more than a hundred years.

* What is the reality of the current epidemic?
- The emergence of the epidemic began in southeast Asia in mid-2003, which is the largest and most registered bout in history, never before that the virus has spread in so many countries at the same time in spite of the extermination of more than 150 million birds. The spread of bird flu in Asia are unprecedented human health unprecedented and a disaster for agricultural production and poultry were destroyed tens of millions of chickens because of this Almrd.o The danger of this Dari virus Bkablath to mutate and its transmission to humans, where I discovered in those countries human cases of bird flu infection was about 100 cases and 54 people died because of it.
It was believed that the bird flu infect only birds appeared to be the first case of infection among humans in Hong Kong in 1997 and it was all those who contracted the disease in 1997, totaling 18 cases directly come into contact with live animals either on farms or in the markets. Bird flu has been discovered in eight countries since late 2003, which are Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, South Korea. Spread of the disease remained confined to this area, but in August it was discovered the disease in the European continent, where cases were recorded in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece, and Romania.
Finally, Turkey, which recorded about 20 deaths until the preparation of this report has been overrun by panic led to the influx of hundreds of Turks on hospitals in anticipation of a request for examination to the disease.
At the same time experts from the World Health Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health confirmed that the conditions in Turkish poultry farms as well as the delay in the detection of H5 bird flu virus that caused the sudden appearance of one of human infections in Turkey.
It is possible that up to injuries of Mosul in Iraq and the Syrian city of Aleppo by migratory birds and that Turkey is no longer Weather convenience after the snow cover eastern Turkey.
Method of spread of the disease
Spread of the disease by migrating birds from wild birds to birds, infected birds excrete the virus in saliva, nasal secretions, and feces and then the virus is transmitted to susceptible come into contact with this Alafrazat or contact with infected birds.
As for the human being shall be infection through breathing directly or indirectly (places and tools contaminated residues and secretions of infected birds) Ouan through direct eye exposure (especially in laboratories) Ooulihom infected poultry (live or dead) (raw only, since the virus dies when exposed to temperatures temperature higher than 70 degrees) and secretions from infected birds through direct contact with saliva or infected birds remnants such as food birds, water, cages contaminated equipment and clothing, especially shoes workers poultry and manure, insects, rodents, cats and dogs that play the role of a carrier of the disease and thus transmitted infection after contact person for the same or mouth or nose or do as children licking their fingers or rubbing Aloaan.othbt that individuals who were injured bird flu are the ones who are dealing with infected birds directly, such as massacres and markets selling or who are in the process cleaning viscera or those individuals who have been exposed to contaminated surfaces feces birds and usually this does not happen except in cases of exposure for a long time and in any direct contact when these large animals and extended and frequent.

* But can the infection of bird flu transmission from one person to another? To date, there were no infections from person to person?
- There is no conclusive evidence to date for the transition from humans to humans and because these types of viruses usually do not infect humans so there is no immunity or protection against him in the human body and this in the case of the entry of the virus into the human body may be structured and acquire other recipes and this becomes easy move from one person to another and therefore it becomes epidemic threatens disaster .. but thank God to this day there are no signs of the occurrence of this assumption and there is no evidence of transmission Class N1 / H5 from person to person, but there is a suspicion in some few cases, but for an epidemic year requires a boom in the bird flu virus makes him a virus nurses At the same time, moving between humans as well, and this can happen in a person has a prior injury to human influenza virus after inflicted by the bird flu virus in the same person, then the exchange of genetic material between the two types, here is a possibility and improbable to generate hybrid virus capable of causing the epidemic in humans as well, so the World Health Organization declared in 2003 that we are in the case of pre-pandemic and can move on to the public stage of the epidemic when the virus was able to move among humans.

* Is there a possibility of infection when birds and eggs consumption?
- Transmission of the virus through the air happens, the infection by meat infected animal consumption, the tolerable weak, because the effect of the virus disappear with the temperature more than 60 degrees for 5 minutes, and one for minutes under temperature 100 degrees, on the other hand, the virus even in the absence concoction the food it crashing by the acidity of the digestive fluid.
Symptoms of infection:
The incubation period between infection and the onset of symptoms about ten days. It is the same severe flu symptoms: high temperature (fever), chills, runny, a sense of fatigue, soreness and cracking in the body, headache, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, inflammation of the eye. Has come in the form of serious complications such as respiratory distress or pneumonia may cause death.

* What are the symptoms of bird flu in birds?
- Relative to domestic poultry come infection in one of the two - by the virus type - a simple image: ruffled feathers, lack of egg production, and this image is often pass without a tragic Mlahzh.ousourh: spread at full speed between bird populations and often ends the death of the infected bird within 48 Saah.otair patient may appear by one or all of the following symptoms: lack of activity and appetite, swelling (swelling) head, eyelids custom and legs, purple spots on the custom appearance of blue color in custom and Rattles, secretions nasal, coughing and sneezing (secretions of mucus from the nose) , diarrhea, drop in egg production., the eggs will be without rind or different sizes and shapes, sudden death can occur within 24 hours of entry of the virus or death may occur within one week from the date of injury.

* What is the treatment of the infected human bird flu?
- The use of special anti-bird flu viruses:
1- Amantadine and Rimantadine
2. enzyme inhibitors Nyoramindaz Neuraminidase inhibitors such as Tamiflu Tamiflu which is successful in the reduction of the severity and duration of symptoms if used in the first two days of the onset of symptoms (within 48 hours, and the sooner the better the results), and also managed to HIV prevention in the event of use before injury , and thus this drug is good in the case of a pandemic's spread, especially since its use easy.
There is no direct cure for HIV infection, but treatment is Symptomatic treatment of symptoms and prevent complications.

* Is there a vaccine for humans?
- No, because this virus has a great ability to Alngeroymcn use vaccine ordinary flu to vulnerable groups as laborers poultry to reduce the risk of human flu and bird flu, but it does not entitle protection from bird flu or virus resulting from mutations, and works specialists to prepare a vaccine against Class N1 H5, But in the case of the pandemic vaccine will not be effective unless the new virus soon from this product.
The situation in the Kingdom
Dr. Hamad Al Mana, Health Minister of the Kingdom of the absence of any cases, this did not prevent from standby to provide an ample supply of antiviral drugs, and lifting the state of readiness in all health centers.
1. raw meat must be separated from cooked or ready-to-cook meat to prevent contamination.
2. You should not use the same knife for chopping or shredding poultry from those used for cutting vegetables or fruit plate
3. The meat should not be placed after cooked in the same pot or surface that was placed in it raw.
4. prohibited from handling raw and cooked meat without washing your hands well with each other as well as all surfaces that come into contact with raw meat.
5. For the eggs should not use raw eggs or uncooked dishes in the fully processed cold or, as some call it eat soft-boiled or in making sure Almayounisogjb frozen yolk (yolk)
6. Wash the outer peel eggs thoroughly before breaking because it may be contaminated with bird feces and wash your hands after handling eggs.
7. to take care of the process of cooking it is important to know that good cooking kills the virus, so you should not eat any meat red or white is fully mature is not pre-cooked and ensure the attainment of poultry meat temperature of 70 ° C or at least not be in color after cooking pink color .
8. lack of presence in places bird breeding and selling markets where it easy for the virus that attaches to the hair and clothes.
9. Be sure to teach children not to put objects or fingers in the mouth because they may be contaminated should take the following measures for educators or dealers with chicken:
1. quarantine the infected animals and then killed her after that
2. cleansing machines used to avoid infection in the case of use in other places
3. separation of animal species during the breeding, each type separately in isolation from the other kind
4. Encourage educators to announce the infected cases immediately preview
5. The disposal of infected animals is the best way to address the problem
6. vaccination against bird flu can be a complementary.
7. When you go to towns where there is a lack of disease frequenting farms and poultry markets 9. not to bring poultry or birds (of any kind) from countries where the disease emerged
10. For the paramedics and the medical field workers need to use masks when dealing with cases of respiratory diseases.
11. Avoid contact with birds, especially wild amphibian.
12. Avoid spitting on the ground and the use of napkins for only one time, and wash your hands after these uses.
Despite the absence of grandparents evidence of transmission of the disease from person to person, experts advised to take preventive measures itself like any other flu, for example, washing hands frequently, and stay away from people who are coughing or have a fever or have flu symptoms recently traveled to affected countries and can this merger happens cases of sick person basically some type of influenza virus of avian influenza.