Jiangsu Province’s Uncertain H7N9 Count

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Since we were already aware of three H7N9 cases earlier in the fall (in October and November), it isn’t entirely clear how many of those cases are included in today’s report citing 8 cases, and 4 deaths over the past 2 months. 


Based on Jiangsu Province’s December Infectious disease report – which lists 4 H7N9 cases during that month – it seems likely that at least 4 or possibly 5 of these cases were previously unreported.


Without onset dates, ages, and genders it becomes increasingly difficult to keep any sort of reasonable count of cases.  Previously Hong Kong’s CHP has been notified of cases by the mainland, and has promptly published those announcements, but we’ve not seen any published accounts of these cases on their website either.


As I wrote earlier today, in Fujian Province Reports 6 H7N9 Cases In December, the lack of timely and robust reporting of cases would greatly diminish our ability to evaluate this year’s epidemic wave.  We obviously never know with precision how many infections occur – as  many will be too mild to seek medical care – but knowing the number of severe cases (and their outcomes) provides a pretty good snapshot of the epidemic.


About all we can say at this point is – with the addition of at least 10 more cases in the month of December – is that the H7N9 season is apparently off to a strong start.



Jiangsu H7N9 confirmed cases of influenza were reported over the past two months in 8 cases in 4 cases

January 08, 2015 20:10 source: China News Network to the engagement (0)

CNS, Nanjing, January 8 (reporter Zhu Xiaoying)-8th said health and family planning Committee, from Jiangsu Province, latest statistics showed that from November 2014, Jiangsu H7N9 confirmed cases of influenza were reported in 8 cases, 4 deaths. Cases before the attack, have come into contact with poultry farms, or to live poultry trading history.

As of now, all close contacts of the cases showed no abnormalities.

Jiangsu Province, according to the health and family planning Commission announced that at present, H7N9 flu cases are distributed State, have not yet found evidence of efficient person-to-person. China, meanwhile, such as Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and Xinjiang also has H7N9 influenza cases have been reported.

The Commission experts believe, is the high incidence of influenza and other respiratory diseases in winter and spring season, Jiangsu Province in a local area of H7N9 the possibility of sporadic cases of influenza in humans.

In this regard, the Commission guidance relating to municipal health department in accordance with the relevant plans and regulations, implementation of case management, contact tracing and closely monitoring medical observation, emergency measures, such as.

The Commission experts believe H7N9 and H5N1 is considered to be an animal influenza virus, and occasionally infecting humans, and does not contact with poultry or live poultry trading floors H7N9 odds of infection, the public do not need to panic.

Yangtze River Delta as many government departments make tough rules on live poultry trade. Zhejiang from July 1 last year, districts and cities main city permanently closed live poultry markets. Huangpu district, Shanghai, Jing an district, and other live poultry trade point has been permanently closed. Poultry, Nanjing, Nanjing, Jiangsu set up the transaction management approach (draft) for public comment, which clearly, the main city intends to permanently halt sale of live poultry. (End)