Propaganda: Typhus Plamisty Poster

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Description of the Propaganda 
In this picture above is a skeleton and a big lice. The skeleton is a Jewish and you can tell by the intricate features.The skeleton itself has a large nose, if you look closely his cheek bones are chubby. He's missing teeth as well as an eye and has to long hairs on his side that most likely represent horns. His skeleton almost look likes he's smiling. Right in front of the skeleton is the a huge bug called lice, it has very long legs and a big body.The lice is the same size as the head or bigger. Printed in a bright yellow is the words Tyfus Plamisty. Tyfus is a fever that can very easily spread and is caused by harsh conditions.  The background is all black blending in with the lice. In the upper left corner is the words Zyozi Wszy. The bottom caption states, This Polish broadsided makes the outrageous , but then popular, claim that " Jews are lice; they cause typhus."  This is a huge lie, but I'm getting into a different form of propaganda.
I think the message is that Jews are going to eventually hurt everyone. That like typhus, Jews are going to spread and they are going to get everyone. The picture is scary and I think the skeleton represents what is going to happen to you once the Jews(lice) spread. The skeleton also represents death. I think the missing eyeball represents the world and that your world is going to be gone(missing), because they have taken over.
Repetition #1
You see a lot of repeating in this picture. The skeleton has the big nose, chubby cheeks, and the two hairs(devil horns). The features are supposed to represent Jews, that's how people wanted them to be seen. The use of the devil horns is shown a lot, everyone wanted to make it seem as if the Jews were devils and were going to rule the world. The picture of the skeleton which represents death is shown throughout the pictures. The missing eyeball I think represents the world, and everyone keeps on saying Jews are going to take over the world.
Simple, Easy, Big #2
The message from this photo is simple. I understand that Jews are lice and will cause disease and will make people die. I think people would easily believe this, because it's not difficult to understand. The caption is straight to the point as well, " Jews are lice; they cause typhus." They really made it big by calling them lice, they are going eventually get to everyone is what they are trying to say.
Photo By: English Answer Man