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T - T extent of primary tumor.

T - T temperature.

T - T thoracic to be followed by number designating specific thoracic vertebra.

T - T threonine.

T - T thymine.

T - T

T sect - T sect transverse section.

T&A - T&A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.

T&C - T&C type and crossmatch.

T&T - T&T time and temperature.

T&T - T&T touch and tone.

T+S - T+S type and screen.

T-PMI - T-PMI transmural perioperative myocardial infarction.

T-set - T-set tracheotomy set.

t.i.d. - t.i.d. tid three times a day.

t.o. - t.o. telephone order.

T/S - T/S transverse section.

T0 - T0 T1 T2 T3 size of tumor in staging cancers.

T1 – T12 - T1 – T12 thoracic vertebrae 1 - 12 (spine e.g. T1 = 1st thoracic vertebra).

T3 - T3 triiodothyronine.

T3RU - T3RU triiodothyronine resin uptake.

T4 - T4 thyroxine.

T4SA - T4SA thyroxine-specific activity.

TA - TA Technical Assistance.

TA - TA tolfenamic acid.

TAANOS - TAANOS The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons.

tab - tab (s) tablet(s).

TAC - TAC transient amplifying cells (cells that have the potential to complete a limited number of divisions before differentiating).

TAC - TAC Trauma Association of Canada.

TACHY - TACHY tachycardia.

TAE - TAE transarterial embolization.

TAH - TAH total abdominal hysterectomy.

TAM - TAM total active motion.

TAM - TAM tamoxifen.

TAPVC - TAPVC total anomalous pulmonary venous connection.

TAs - TAs triggered activations.

TAT - TAT tetanus antitoxin. gastrointestinal upset emesis.

TAT - TAT thematic apperception test.

TB - TB tuberculosis.

tbc. - tbc. TB tuberculosis.

TBD - TBD to be determined.

TBF - TBF tail blood flow.

TBF - TBF tentacle ball formation.

TBF - TBF terbinafine.

TBF - TBF thyroid blood flow.

TBF - TBF tick-borne fever.

TBF - TBF tissue blood flow.

TBF - TBF total body fat.

TBF - TBF tumor blood flow.

TBG - TBG thyroid binding globulin.

TBI - TBI245-tribromoimidazole.

Tbi - Tbi initial body temperature.

Tbi - Tbi intermediate tectobulbar pathway.

TBI - TBI T- and B-cell epitopes containing Immunogen.

TBI - TBI tetrapolar bioelectrical impedance.

TBI - TBI thiazolobenzimidazole [1-(26-difluorophenyl)-1H3H-thiazolo[34-a] benzimidazole].

Tbi - Tbi Thromboplastin Bilbao.

TBI - TBI thrombotic brain infarction.

TBI - TBI thyrotropin binding inhibition.

TBI - TBI thyroid binding index.

TBI - TBI thyroxine binding index.

TBI - TBI time-based injection.

TBI - TBI Tissue Banks International.

TBI - TBI toe brachial index.

TBI - TBI tooth brushing instruction.

TBI - TBI total bilirubin.

TBI - TBI total binding index.

TBI - TBI total body impedance.

TBI - TBI total body iron.

TBI - TBI total body irradiation.

TBI - TBI total bone index.

TBI - TBI trabecular bone index.

TBI - TBI transbronchial injection.

TBI - TBI transbullar injections.

TBI - TBI translid binocular interactor.

TBI - TBI traumatic brain injury.

TBI - TBI triamcinolone acetonide benzoyl-beta-amino-isobutyrate.

TBMM - TBMM total body muscle mass.

TBS - TBS The Bethesda System.

TBS - TBS to be scheduled.

TBSA - TBSA total body surface area.

tbsp - tbsp tablespoon

TBVF - TBVF trabecular bone volume fraction.

TBW - TBW total body water.

TCA - TCA thymus-derived chemotactic agent.

TCA - TCA tricyclic antidepressant.

TCDB - TCDB turn cough deep breath.

TCF - TCF tissue cage fluid.

TCID50 - TCID50 Tissue Culture Infectious Dose 50 %.

TCM - TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCPC - TCPC tricalcium phosphate ceramic.

TCR - TCR T-cell receptor.

TCRBCL - TCRBCL T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma.


TCRGR - TCRGR T-cell receptor gene rearrangement (study).

TCT - TCT thrombin clotting time.

TCU - TCU transitional care unit.

TCV - TCV tall-cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinomas.

TCV - TCV turnip crinkle virus.

Td - Td adult tetanus toxoid and reduced-dose diphtheria toxoid.

TD - TD tardive dyskinesis

TD - TD texture-defined.

TDA - TDA toluenediamines.

TDA - TDA Trade and Development Agency.

TDI - TDI toluene diisocyanate (a highly volatile chemical known to cause occupational asthma in exposed workers).

TDLU - TDLU terminal-duct-lobular-units.

TdT - TdT terminal deoxynucleotide transferase.

TDT - TDT tooth decay test.

TDT - TDT transmission disequilibrium test.

TDTH cells - TDTH cells a functional subset of T helper cells that are involved in delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions.

TDY - TDY Temporary Duty.

TE - TE echo time (MRI).

TEC - TEC thromboembolic complications.

TEC - TEC transient erythroblastopenia of childhood.

TEC - TEC transluminal extraction atherectomy.

TECA-LBO - TECA-LBO total ear canal ablation-lateral bulla osteotomy.

TEDs - TEDs Thromboembolic Deterrent Stockings

TEDS - TEDS timed exposure diffusive sampler.

TEDS - TEDS transoesophageal echo-Doppler system.

TEDS - TEDS Treatment Episode Data Set.

TEE - TEE transesophageal echocardiogram.

TEIL - TEIL tobacco EIN3-like.

TEM - TEM Technical Error Measurement.

TEM - TEM transmission electron microscopy.

Temp. - Temp. T temperature

TEN-IBC - TEN-IBC Trans-European Network--Integrated Broadband Communications.

TENS - TENS transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

TEOAEs - TEOAEs transiently evoked otoacoustic emissions.

TF - TF tail-flick.

TF - TF thoracic fluid content.

TFA - TFA trifluoroacetic acid.

TFCC - TFCC triangular fibrocartilage complex.

TFPI - TFPI tissue factor pathway inhibitor.

TFT - TFT thin-film transistor.

TFT - TFT thrombus formation time.

TFT - TFT thyroid function test.

TFT - TFT tight filum terminale.

TFT - TFT trifluorothymidine.

TG - TG triglycerides.

TG(6-) - TG(6-) 6-Thioguanine (anti cancer drug).

TGE - TGE transmissible gastroenteritis.

TGF - TGF transforming growth factors.

TGV - TGV thoracic gas volume.

TGV - TGV transposition of great vessels.

TH1 - TH1 T helper type 1 cell.

TH2 - TH2 T helper type 2 cell.

THA - THA tacrine hydrochloride.

THA - THA total hip arthroplasty (sample operative report).

THAM - THAM T cell-activating molecule.

THBR - THBR thyroid hormone binding ratio.

THBSO - THBSO total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

THC - THC delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol the psychoactive substance in Cannabis sativa.

THI - THI thoracic impedance.

THP - THP total hip prosthesis.

Thr - Thr threonine.

THR - THR total hip replacement/revision (sample operative report).

THV - THV terminal hepatic venule (central vein).

Thy-1 - Thy-1 a highly abundant glycoprotein on the surface of thymocytes and neurons.

TIA - TIA thanks in advance.

TIA - TIA transient ischemic attacks.

TIBC - TIBC total iron-binding capacity.

tid - tid three times a day (Latin: ter in die).

TIFA - TIFA Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.

TIG - TIG tetanus immune globulin.

TIGR - TIGR The Institute for Genomic Research.

TIL - TIL tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes.

TIMI - TIMI Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction.

TIMP - TIMP tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase.

TiO2 - TiO2 titanium dioxide.

TIPS - TIPS transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.

TIPSS - TIPSS transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic stent shunts.

TIS - TIS titanium interbody spacers.

TJ - TJ tetrajoule.

TJ - TJ triceps jerk.

TJ-10 - TJ-10 Saiko-keishi-to herbal medicine.

TJ-41 - TJ-41 Hochu-ekki-to (a Japanese herbal medicine).

TJ-43 - TJ-43 Liu-Jun-Zi-Tang a herbal medicine exerting gastroprotective action.

TJ-48 - TJ-48 Juzen-taiho-to a kampo medicine.

TJ-9 - TJ-9 Sho-saiko-to a herbal medicine.

TJ-96 - TJ-96 saiboku-to (a herbal preparation).

TJ-960 - TJ-960 sho-saiko-to-go-keishi-ka- shakuyakuto (Japanese herbal medicine) a compound known to have free radical scavenging activity.

TJA - TJA total joint arthroplasty.

TJD - TJD transient job disability.

TJD - TJD traumatic joint disease.

TJs - TJs tight junctions.

TK - TK tyrosine kinase.

TKA - TKA total knee arthroplasty.

TKE - TKE total knee extension.

TKN - TKN total Kjeldahl nitrogen (waste waters treatment).

TKO - TKO to keep open.

TKR - TKR total knee replacement/revision.

TLA - TLA three letter abbreviation/acronym (ha ha!).

TLC - TLC thin-layer chromatography.

TLC - TLC total lung capacity.

TLD - TLD thermoluminescent dosimeters.

TLI - TLI thymidine labeling index.

TLI - TLI total lymphoid irradiation.

TLR - TLR target lesion revascularization.

TLSO - TLSO thoracolumbosacral orthosis.

TLV - TLV threshold limit values.

TM - TM transmembrane.

TM - TM tympanic membrane.

TMA - TMA thrombotic microangiopathy.

TMA - TMA tissue microarray infostructure.

TMA - TMA transmetatarsal amputation.

TMA-Gly:CPH - TMA-Gly:CPH poly[trimellitylimidoglycine-co-16-bis(carboxyphenoxy)hexane] - a novel class of polymers with mechanical properties similar to cancellous bone that are being investigated for their ability to be used in weight-bearing areas for orthopedic applications.

TMD - TMD transient myeloproliferative disorder.

TMDC - TMDC transverse magnetization decay curve.

TMEP - TMEP telangiectasia macularis eruptiva perstans.

TMG - TMG toxic multinodular goiter.

TMGA - TMGA tetramethylene glutaric acid.

TMJ - TMJ (temporalist mandibulae junctio) temporomandibular joint.

TMP - TMP trimethoprim.

TMP-SMX - TMP-SMX trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

TMR - TMR transmyocardial revascularization.

TMV - TMV tobacco mosaic virus.

TNF - TNF tumor necrosis factor.

TNI - TNI total needed irradiation.

TNM - TNM tumor nodes metastases.

TNT - TNT trinitrotoluene.

TNTC - TNTC too numerous to count.

TOA - TOA Texas Orthopaedic Association.

TOC - TOC total organic carbon.

TOD - TOD target organ damage.

TOF - TOF train-of-four (EMG).

top - top topically.

TOPV - TOPV oral attenuated poliovirus with types 12 and 3.

TOR - TOR total outflow resistance.

TORCH - TORCH congenital infections with: T = toxoplasmosis; O = other; R = rubella; C = cytomegalic inclusion disease; H = hepatitis B and herpes.

TOS - TOS thoracic outlet syndrom.

Tox - Tox toxic toxicology toxicologic.

TP - TP thyropharyngeus muscle.

TP - TP total pancreatectomy.

TP - TP total platinum.

TP-5 - TP-5 thymopentin.

TPA - TPA tissue plasminogen activator.

TPI - TPI Treponema pallidum immobilization test.

TPN - TPN thalamic projection neuron.

TPN - TPN total parenteral nutrition.

TPN - TPN transition protein.

TPN - TPN triphosphopyridine nucleotide.

TPNAC - TPNAC total parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis.

TPP - TPP thiamin pyrophosphate.

TPPA - TPPA Treponema pallidum.

TPR - TPR temperature pulse respirations.

TPR - TPR total peripheral resistance.

TPUR - TPUR transperineal urethral resection.

TR - TR Texas red.

tr. - tr. tinct. tincture.

TR/TE - TR/TE repetition time/echo time.

TRAM-flap - TRAM-flap one type of breast reconstruction.

TRAP - TRAP tartrate resistant acid phosphatase.

TRAP - TRAP telomeric repeat amplification protocol.

TRH - TRH thyrotropin-releasing hormone.

TRIS - TRIS tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane.

TRK - TRK transketolase.

TRP - TRP transient receptor potential.

Trp - Trp tryptophan.

TRP II - TRP II tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome type II.

TRPA - TRPA tryptophan-rich prealbumin.

TRPC - TRPC transient receptor potential channel proteins.

TrPI - TrPI treatment plan.

TRPM - TRPM testosterone-repressed prostate message.

TRPO - TRPO tryptophan oxygenase.

TRPS - TRPS trichorhinophalangeal syndrome.

TRPT - TRPT theoretical renal phosphorus threshold.

TRR - TRR total respiratory resistance.

TRS - TRS testicular regression syndrome; total reducing sugars; tubuloreticular structure.

TrS - TrS trauma surgery.

TRSV - TRSV tobacco ringspot virus.

TRT - TRT testosterone replacement therapy.

TRT - TRT thoracic radiotherapy; transfer ribonucleic acid threonine.

TRU - TRU task-related unit; turbidity-reducing unit.

TRUS - TRUS transrectal ultrasonography.

TRV - TRV tobacco rattle virus.

TRVV - TRVV total right ventricular volume.

TRX - TRX thioredoxin trx traction.

Tryp - Tryp tryptophan.

Ts - Ts skin temperature; tosylate.

TS - TS T suppressor (cell)

TS - TS Takayasu syndrome.

TS - TS Tay-Sachs (disease).

Ts - Ts temperature sensitivity.

TS - TS temperature skin.

TS - TS temporal stem.

TS - TS tensile strength.

TS - TS test solution.

TS - TS thermal stability.

TS - TS thoracic surgery.

TS - TS thymidylate synthetase.

TS - TS time required to complete the S phase of the cell cycle.

TS - TS tissue space.

TS - TS total solids (in urine).

TS - TS Tourette syndrome.

TS - TS toxic substance.

TS - TS toxic syndrome.

TS - TS tracheal sound.

TS - TS transferrin saturation.

TS - TS transitional sleep.

TS - TS transsexual.

TS - TS transverse section.

TS - TS transverse sinus.

TS - TS trauma score.

TS - TS treadmill score.

TS - TS triceps surae.

TS - TS tricuspid stenosis.

TS - TS triple strength.

TS - TS tropical sprue.

TS - TS trypticase soy (plate).

Ts - Ts tsp teaspoon.

TS - TS tuberous sclerosis.

TS - TS tumor-specific.

TS - TS Turner syndrome.

TS - TS type-specific.

TSA - TSA technical surgical assistance.

TSA - TSA toluene sulfonic acid.

TSA - TSA total shoulder arthroplasty.

TSA - TSA total solute absorption.

TSA - TSA toxic shock antigen.

TSA - TSA transcortical sensory aphasia.

TSA - TSA trypticase-soy agar.

TSA - TSA tumor surface antigen.

TSA - TSA tumor-specific antigen.

TSA - TSA type-specific antibody.

TSAb - TSAb thyroid-stimulating antibody.

TSAP - TSAP toxic-shock-associated protein.

TSAS - TSAS total severity assessment score.

TSAT - TSAT tube slide agglutination test.

TSB - TSB total serum bilirubin; trypticase soy broth; tryptone soy broth.

TSBA - TSBA total serum bile acids.

TSBB - TSBB transtracheal selective bronchial brushing.

TSC - TSC technetium sulfur colloid; thiosemicarbazide; transverse spinal sclerosis; tuberous sclerosis.

TSCA - TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act.

TSCS - TSCS Tennessee Self-Concept Scale.

TSD - TSDtarget-skin distance; Tay-Sachs disease; theory of signal detectability.

TSE - TSE testicular self-examination; tissue-specific extinguisher; total skin examination; trisodium edetate.

TSEB - TSEB total skin electron beam.

TSEM - TSEM transmission scanning electron microscopy.

TSES - TSES Target Symptom Evaluation Scale.

TSF - TSF testicular feminization syndrome; thrombopoiesis-stimulating factor; total systemic flow; triceps skinfold.

TSG - TSG tumor-specific glycoprotein.

TSGP - TSGP tumor-specific glycoprotein.

TSH - TSH thyroid stimulating hormone.

TSH - TSH transient synovitis of the hip.

TSH-RF - TSH-RF thyroid-stimulating hormone-releasing factor.

TSH-RH - TSH-RH thyroid-stimulating hormone-releasing hormone.

TSHA - TSHA thyroid-stimulating hormone alpha chain.

TSHB - TSHB thyroid-stimulating hormone beta chain.

TSHR - TSHR thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor.

TSI - TSI thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin.

TSI - TSI triple sugar iron.

TSIA - TSIA total small intestine allotransplantation.

TSIA - TSIA triple sugar iron agar.

tSIDS - tSIDS totally unexplained sudden infant death syndrome.

TSL - TSL terminal sensory latency.

TSM - TSM type-specific M protein.

Tsp - Tsp teaspoon.

TSP - TSP testis-specific protein.

TSP - TSP thrombin-sensitive protein.

TSP - TSP thrombospondin.

TSP - TSP total serum protein.

TSP - TSP total suspended particulate.

TSP - TSP trisodium phosphate.

TSP - TSP tropical spastic paraparesis.

TSPA - TSPA thiotepa.

TSPAP - TSPAP total serum prostatic acid phosphatase.

TSPL - TSPL transplant.

TSPP - TSPP tetrasodium pyrophosphate.

TSR - TSR target site restenosis.

TSR - TSR theophylline sustained release.

TSR - TSR thyroid to serum ratio.

TSR - TSR total systemic resistance.

TSS - TSS total suspended solids.

TSS - TSS toxic shock syndrome.

TSS - TSS tropical splenomegaly syndrome.

TSSA - TSSA tumor-specific cell surface antigen.

TSSE - TSSE toxic shock syndrome exotoxin.

TSST - TSST toxic shock syndrome toxin.

TSST-1 - TSST-1 toxic shock syndrome toxin-1.

TST - TST thiosulfate sulfur-transferase.

TST - TST thromboplastin screening test.

TST - TST total sleep time.

TST - TST transforming sequence thyroid.

TST - TST treadmill stress test.

TST - TST tricipital skinfold thickness.

TST - TST tumor skin test.

TSTA - TSTA toxoplasmin skin test antigen.

TSTA - TSTA tumor-specific tissue antigen.

TSTA - TSTA tumor-specific transplantation antigen.

TSU - TSU triple sugar urea (agar).

TSV - TSV total stomach volume.

TSVR - TSVR total systemic vascular resistance.

TSY - TSY trypticase soy yeast.

TT - TT tablet triturate.

TT - TT tactile tension.

TT - TT tactile threshold.

TT - TT tendon transfer.

TT - TT test tube.

TT - TT testicular torsion.

TT - TT tetanus toxin.

TT - TT tetanus toxoid.

TT - TT tetrathionate.

TT - TT tetrazol.

TT - TT therapeutic touch.

TT - TT thrombin time.

TT - TT thrombolytic therapy.

TT - TT thymol turbidity.

TT - TT tibial tubercle.

TT - TT tilt table.

TT - TT tolerance test.

TT - TT total thyroxine.

TT - TT total time.

TT - TT transferred to.

TT - TT transient tachypnea.

TT - TT transit time.

TT - TT transthoracic.

TT - TT transtracheal.

TT - TT tube thoracostomy.

TT - TT tuberculin test.

TT - TT tuberculoid (in Ridley-Jopling Hansen disease classification).

TT - TT tumor thrombus.

TT - TT turnover time.

TT2 - TT2 total diiodothyronine.

TT3 - TT3 total triiodothyronine.

TT4 - TT4 total thyroxine.

TTA - TTA tetanus toxoid antibody.

TTA - TTA timed therapeutic absence.

TTA - TTA total toe arthroplasty.

TTA - TTA transtracheal aspiration.

TTAP - TTAP threaded titanium acetabular prosthesis.

TTB - TTB third trimester bleeding.

TTC - TTC triphenyltetrazolium chloride (stain for lactic dehydrogenase).

TTC - TTC triphenyltetrazolium chloride.

TTC - TTC T-tube cholangiogram.

TTD - TTD temporary total disability.

TTD - TTD tissue tolerance dose.

TTD - TTD transient tic disorder.

TTD - TTD transverse thoracic diameter.

TTD - TTD trichothio-dystrophy.

TTE - TTE transthoracic echocardiography.

TTF-1 - TTF-1 thyroid transcription factor 1.

TTFD - TTFD tetrahydrofurfuryldisulfide.

TTG - TTG T-cell translocation gene.

TTG - TTG telethermography.

TTG - TTG tellurite taurocholate and gelatin.

TTGA - TTGA tellurite taurocholate and gelatin agar.

TTH - TTH thyrotropic hormone.

TTH - TTH tritiated thymidine.

TTI - TTI tension-time index.

TTI - TTI timepto-intubation.

TTI - TTI time-tension index.

TTI - TTI torque-time interval.

TTI - TTI transtracheal insufflation.

TTN - TTN transient tachypnea.

TTP - TTP thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.

TTR - TTR transthyretin.

TTV - TTV therapeutic trial visit.

TTWB - TTWB toe touch weight bearing.

TTX - TTX tetrodotoxin.

TU - TU tuberculin units (in Mantoux test).

TUIP - TUIP transurethral incision of the prostate.

TULIP - TULIP transurethral ultrasound-guided laser induced prostatectomy.

TUMT - TUMT transurethral microwave thermotherapy.

TUNA - TUNA transurethral needle ablation (prostatic).

TUNEL - TUNEL TdT-mediated-dUTP nick end labeling enzymatic labeling of DNA fragments in apoptotic cells.

TUR - TUR transurethral resection.

TURB - TURB transurethral resection of bladder.

TURBT - TURBT transurethral resection of bladder tumor.

TURP - TURP transurethral resection of the prostate; transurethral prostatectomy.

TV - TV total volume.

TVA - TVA temporal (beat-to-beat) variability of repolarization in amplitude.

TvC - TvC treatment versus control.

TVF - TVF target vessel failure.

TVH - TVH total vaginal hysterectomy.

TVH - TVH turkey virus hepatitis.

TVR - TVR target vessel restenosis.

TVR - TVR target vessel revascularization.

TVT - TVT target value tailored apheresis.

TVT - TVT temporal (beat-to-beat) variability of repolarization in time.

TVT - TVT tension-free vaginal tape.

TVT - TVT thermal vascular test.

TVT - TVT total ventilation time.

TVT - TVT Transmissible venereal tumour.

TvT - TvT treatment versus treatment.

TVT - TVT Trivittatus.

TVT - TVT tunica vaginalis testis.

TVUS - TVUS transvaginal ultrasound.

TWG - TWG total weight gain.

Tx - Tx therapy or treatment.

TXA2 - TXA2 thromboxane A2.

TXB2 - TXB2 thromboxane B2.

Tyr - Tyr tyrosine.