Day 127 - AUSTRALIA. Tuesday 16th December 2014. MELBOURNE - Goon, How to make chicken nuggets & St Kilda Beach

I didn't get back to my hostel until 4am last night. On arrival my hostel provides a free drink token and so I headed down to the hostel bar with my roommate Feterina from Switzerland to find Mark our other roommate from Canada. Feterina had to pack and be up early in the morning so didn't join us for our bar crawl. Mark introduced me to friends he made at the hostel a few weeks back, whom included Kingsley (25yrs) from Cornwall, Sven and Danny (19yrs) from the Netherlands and Vicky (18yrs) from Germany. The four of them met at the hostel and are renting an apartment whilst they search for jobs. Vicky showed me and Mark a very crazy video made by what I kept re-iterating is my future husband called 'How to Make Chicken Nuggets ' We left the bar to head to a liquor store to continue the night at their apartment. Although I have yet to be brave enough to try Goon notorious for bad hangovers (boxed wine popular with backpackers in Australia at around $11 AUS for 4 litres) I purchased a few bottles of kopparberg and joined them for the 10minute walk up to their apartment. They have no electricity yet and sadly the floor to the pool / gym / home cinema area was closed. They have an amazing lounge area on the 55th floor above their apartment block called 'My80' that has a spectacular view of Melbourne at night. I kept telling them how inspired I am by their bravery to just pack up and go to a hostel in Australia to try to find an apartment with strangers whilst looking for work at the same time - and at such a young age as well! Had a lot of fun with them on the balcony and the guy Danny from the Netherlands was particularly crazy with his pigtails and outburst of what he described as a disease called 'PHD - pretty huge.....' Mark and me left in the early hours of this morning and I slept for only a few hours before getting on a tram to head to St Kilda Beach. If you are exploring the city the best way to get around Melbourne is on the easy to use public transport system, which includes Melbourne's iconic trams They run throughout the inner suburbs and are the perfect way to get your bearings. I took the number 16 from Swanston Street to the beach. For anyone with a sense of adventure, this is the place for you - try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding or if you're looking to challenge yourself, give windsurfing a shot. Better yet, have a kiteboarding lesson with any of the friendly instructors at St Kilda West Beach who can guide you through all the excitement and adrenaline of this water sport craze. You can also leave the world behind by booking a skydive at St Kilda Marina, Marine Parade, St Kilda. Attached securely to your experienced tandem skydive instructor, you leap from the plane at maximum altitudes for up to 60 seconds of life-changing freefall, reaching speeds of over 200km an hour. I liked St Kilda - I found an open air cinema and basked on the beach. There were many people exercising along the foreshore, which has outdoor drinking water spouts and exercise equipment. As the sun started to go down I headed back to Flinders Street and finally took myself to the Fitness First gym next door for a free workout on a one day visitors pass! Nothing like hearing the word 'free' when you're backpacking!