Source:  DONOT FORGOT PULSE POLIO DROPS! January 18 2015    Tag:  3 types of polio

Children under the age of five across the country were published on February 22, January 18 and is provided free of polio drops.

One of the deadly disease in infants, known ilampillaivatam polio. 90 percent of the children are invisible symptoms of polio infection. 10 percent of children with fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea or starting to recover within 2-3 weeks. After the polio virus attacks the nervous system, which produces infantile argument. This is to prevent the disease before it comes, is the only way.


  There are two types of polio vaccine drops and put on this drug. Slicing both give 100 percent protection. Newborn baby for the first 5 years of age are required to draw up the polio drops.

After taking polio vaccine, which does not come. Aggressive child vayirruppokko, if vantiyo, giving polio vaccine at the time skip, recovered, then drops and wear.

Why drops?

The study found that in 1988, 350,000 people a year worldwide polio struck. In a survey taken in 2013, which amounts to 99 percent, says the World Health Organization is restricted. Countries around the world are still exposed to the disease polio, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Polio in India is completely liquidated. If polio is still in neighboring countries, and India continue to avoid infection is vaccination.