Chicken Pox - Friday - Red Wine

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Well my daughter now has the dreaded chicken pox, exactly 2 weeks after her brother came out in it, she did. Makes me think if I had kept her away from him that she might not have it now, but she would catch it eventually, and best to get it out of the way now.

Poor little spotty dotty, she is absolutely covered in them, including inside her mouth.

BUT its Friday today, a good day, a feel good day, my other half is on an early shift, so will be home mid-afternoon, and I am going to indulge in a spot of housework, while he wheels the baby round the shops and picks up this weeks essentials. I think he is going to go as fast as he can, because any time left he can play the Xbox with, so its in his best interests to get the shopping done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

He did make me laugh, he took charge of the monthly shopping order this month - proud as punch that he spent less than half than I normally do, but forgot things such as toilet rolls, toddler wipes, dishwasher tabs and other such necessities which are boring to shop for. So after a few top up shops locally, he ended up spending more or less the same as I do. He can have another go at it this month, because I do think if he is left to do the shopping we end up spending less, he isn't so drawn to the utter crap I seem to be drawn to. He comes home with huge bags of shopping for bargain prices, I come home with one tiny carrier bag which has cost be twenty quid and I will have forgotten something we need and have to go back out again to get it, resulting in another twenty quid spent.

The reference to Red Wine, well it is Friday, and red wine may not be drunk tonight, but I shall be partaking in a glass or two at some point over the weekend. I love red wine, I love the way it looks in my crystal glasses (brought for me by my lovely Nanna so I get the added bonus of always being reminded of a very special lady at the same time!) I love the way it smells, I love opening the bottle and pouring the first glass. I love the way the first sip tastes, and how the flavour develops on the second and third taste. I like white wine as well, especially in the summer time, and rose, champagne can be nice too, but red wine.....the assortment of flavours, the richness.....I could go on but wont bore you anymore, suffice to say I like a glass of red now and then.