Smallpox Vaccine

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Dear Friends,

I write to you from my deathbed....

HAHA, I'm just kidding.  But seriously, if you have any fear of inoculations and/or getting a life-threatening disease...I don't recommend racing down to your local clinic to get the small pox vaccine.

Okay, so maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but this is a significant inoculation.  If you would like a much longer description you can read about it  here.  For those of you that don't care to read that much in depth, well jokes on you suckers, because I'm about to tell you!

Okay, so it basically starts with a needle that looks like this:

Please note that this needle is a lovely "bifurcated" (note the two points) needle that pokes your skin a mere 15 times... yes, you read that correctly: 15. Fifteen. FIFTEEN.  Fortunately, it really doesn't feel nearly as bad as the typhoid and anthrax I got injected into my right shoulder (OMG, SO PAINFUL! My shoulder was literally one giant knot...I could not lift my right arm above shoulder level and even that was excruciating!).

Okay, so now to the fun part.  I have recently completed Day 3 of infection... in case you are worried I am going to document this portion of the journey with photographs, do not fear, I will not.  That is disgusting and I honestly have no desire to change the bandages to look (don't worry, I will change the bandages, but looking will be kept to a minimum!).  Anyway, the next 27 days will be a process of the following (I kept the photo small for your benefit):

So basically, about day 21, the nasty sore (after it has oozed the life out of itself) scabs and falls off and then you have a scar that takes a while to heal... AMAZING!  Not amazing.  I'm lying.  It's disgusting, but after googling images of people that actually have smallpox, I decided that one scar is a small price to pay.  That and the Air Force made me  convinced me it was the best course of action...

I know. You are jealous.  You will simply have to find a way to contain your green-eyed-monster.  If you really feel so jealous, you could probably just put a raisin under a band-aid and achieve a similar experience.  Yes, it's just that wonderful.  

Thanks for sharing this portion of the journey with me :-)