White Vinegar and Coconut Oil, a Lesson Taught by Poison Ivy!

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If you read my post, White Vinegar and Baking Soda, Two of my Favorite Friends, then you know quite a few ways that I have used these two lovely friends for my household cleaning. However, I did mention in that post how I had not yet tried them in my laundry.

Well, while I was fighting my recent bout of a nasty case of poison ivy, I gave vinegar a try in the laundry in an effort to make sure (double and triple sure lol) that the oil, called urushiol, from the poison ivy was completely removed from all clothing, towels, sheets and pretty much everything I touched in the house.  Yes, I was definitely OCD about this because poison ivy is not nice and I did not want Big Daddy to get it and suffer like I did (apparently I am very allergic). So, knowing that white vinegar is a natural degreaser I thought I would put it to its ultimate test, urushiol oil! White vinegar came through with shining colors and not only removed the oil entirely; my clothes were whiter and brighter than ever before! I was truly impressed! Since then, I have been using it in every load (omitting bleach and stain removers) and really love how white and bright my clothes come out! So, if you are a slow one like me, lol, make sure you add this to your list of wonderful things you can use white vinegar for!

Now, while I’m on the subject of poison ivy, after the itching ceased and I regained my composure from being brought to psychosis … I was left with very ugly marks (some call it a rash, me, I call it lesions, remember I’m very allergic) covering both legs (ankles to thighs) and my entire right arm (wrist to shoulder). Here is a slideshow of some reported cases showing how bad this can be. Warning, this slideshow is not for the weak. Yes, that was me, swollen face and ugly, ugly lesions!

This brings me to my next subject, Coconut Oil. I have read tons of information about the health benefits of coconut oil and how to implement its use in the “real food” diet. Pre-poison ivy, I was using mainly olive oil and sunflower oil for cooking and basically trying to use up my small stock of sunflower oil before I purchased coconut oil as my replacement. Being left with ugly (although nicely healing) marks from the poison ivy I was fearing jeans and slacks for the entire summer as I scar easily. This motivated me to purchase coconut oil early.

I decided to make this a science project lol! Using my left (untreated) leg to heal on its own and as a comparison, the last two nights, I have been applying coconut oil on my right leg (which is worse than my left) and my right arm (my left was spared with only a few marks) to see how quickly and how effectively the coconut oil was in the remaining healing and lightening of the scars that are left. So far, in just two nights, I have seen a slight improvement in the color of the scars on my right arm especially, the right leg not quite so much yet but they are the worse so it may take a little longer than my arm …

I also decided to take it a little further and slathered some on my face as a moisturizer,  to improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles and keeping my finger and toes crossed hopefully to help reduce the dark circles and puffiness around my eyes that I have been plagued with since birth. So far, it’s the only facial moisturizer I can tolerate. I hate that heavy, gooping feeling moisturizer leaves on your face and really love the feeling of fresh clean skin! I have noticed decreased puffiness for the last few nights and the skin around my eyes does seem to be a little tighter … so if for nothing else I will continue to use it as a moisturizer and report my progress for wrinkle reduction and dark circles. If I see a definite improvement I will be buying unrefined coconut oil for skin care and healing.

Now this brings me to one more use I have implemented with coconut oil and that, of course, would be in cooking. I have left my beloved olive oil alone and have used coconut oil in its place and I gotta say I love the way it sautés especially at high heat and have replaced butter (just for this experiment) that I would use in rice and eggs. Coconut oil has a very clean, light taste which I didn’t expect and a little goes a long way so you can stretch out your jar easily. I also feel really good about eating it as I know it contains essential saturated fats and possesses many health giving benefits.

I will continue to update my progress in my coconut oil experiment, so keep posted!

Do you use coconut oil? If so, how do you use it and what health improvements, either by cooking or external use, have you experienced? I would love to know, please share your stories by commenting below!

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