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(4 / 7) Learning from the fundamental human qualities

Part 4 / 7

have been studies of the tissues of the uterus and had a very low density of receptors, although they mess Pitocin, if there oxytocin receptors in the muscle, or synthetic oxytocin is able to move that, then I say that the sexual instincts in childhood have a reason to exist and being, which is not only the regulation and the relationship with others, but also to the sexual organs also mature and therefore there drives and it is no aberration, live in a society where it is absolutely forbidden , All that is associated with childhood sexuality is rape is abuse, etc, etc; clear lamb's mother is this: in destroying the social fabric in which the child may have a leeway .

I will give only a fact, when I was little we still went outside to play and mothers called us "is the food, come come!" and there was no way to come, we were there rolled, coiled, playing, there was no way we can go home, well, now when a child is five minutes with no programming and are bored, have plugged the TV or play station, the child who says I'm bored of our society is an indicator, such as plastic pacifier, the destruction of the social fabric. that a 5, 6 years tell me bored is the disease of society ... determine what is the plate ... glass bottles appeared to fix what we have invented with veneers .. all that we have made a waste product that was the plate ... With that little room that was to freedom as he left the school and you could go to the street to play, gangs and all that, the plate is an example of initiative and inventiveness that have todavií humans, and this now ... 5 minutes with no programming and are bored.

This is very serious, very serious because it involves destruction of human potential and human qualities that would be our hope to break the impasse and ... in which we are involved. As we recover no human qualities, human potential is there, bone destruction worse than deforestation, climate change -all say that if irreversible devastation of the planet is the devastation system rearing and education of the creatures, the way of authority rather than the way of the willingness and good motherhood of women as it is in the midst of all this .

With the questions could explain more what was not clear. (Applause)

Public : you are great Casilda ... you say from the heart ... Casilda
: What am I mean it from the head and all together (laughs) ... is that if you do not recover, I am pessimistic about the situation, I still believe in life while there have hope, and believe that human beings have qualities, but of course that if we leave, we must not crush the ignorance, for ignorance because I when I see parents with the limits, discipline, but good grief, if all this effort is devoted to develop the qualities of their children and his daughters, who have them have impressive qualities, impressive, and all efforts are to prevent the development, rather than helping to develop them, and it's all the ignorance that is in one's ability of self and they are so human creatures. Public

: I think they have much to do with that fear ... I totally agree with what he says Casilda, have a society that we so afraid to pleasure and clear we are so afraid that children are happy because they believe afraid to be spontaneous, have a terrible fear We can dominate much more marked in the field, then they are part of us but rely on our children is very difficult. Casilda

: .. and the decline since the beginning of slavery .. in all ancient texts ... which must be submitted when young, is to straighten the stem when young, ... all are the philosophies of domination that is equivalent to the deadening of human beings and we are reaching a point that is being carried to its logical conclusion, with dire consequences, getting worse. Public

: if I may, I in your book "The Repression of Maternal Desire" is something that became clear to me there if I can clarify this step with society matrifocal patriarchy was given in a given town and then was imitating the given time or in several villages simultaneously? and then was given why the change? (Laughs) What was the discovery of paternity or why was this change? would also harm the man, because also lost out. Casilda

: clear, well I know is that patriarchy is associated with Indo-European peoples that spread through Asia, to conquer India, northern Europe rose and then fell to Southern Europe, why ? I think that the misery, the ice ages the cold that is, because instead of going down to the south to seek help as they entered and began sweeping and the .. and all this, why was not the discovery of paternity by a very simple reason, because the cattle that indicates the knowledge of how reproduction works dating from about 6000 to 7000 years before the onset of parenthood and secondly because paternity was adopted for a long time and there are few lines from 1500 BC to an Egyptian ... 1400ac. says: "the seed of the womb that is not your son, decline because it can be rebellious, your son is the one you serve, you defend your borders," meaning that paternity ... was adopted, I mean was that the man liked to follow him in his exploits ... it was a patriarchal situation.

In the early days of parenthood patriarchy was adopted knowing full well, with the knowledge of biological parenthood, people who lived in touch with nature, with goats, sheep and such will not know. When I say, yeah sure was magic, goddesses, women and soon fatten a creature magic oh wonder, it is absurd, what they have missed is that the children were born by spontaneous generation if they were watching the cows give birth to all of the bugs around, as I will miss that human females do not do the same, is standard in the world, was well aware of biological parenthood and whether there was emphasis on motherhood and not biological parenthood is because the mother's role is different than the role of man in the warp and weft Moia Marta explains the relationship between male and female role as it worked in ancient societies. Public

: What can be then the accumulation of wealth that made the man wanted to be sure who his descendants? Casilda

: Neither, because there are cities of equal, very complex and running water, there were up 20,000, a home there is absolutely more important than another, no ostentatious signs, signs of war are bone criteria used by the Archaeology to determine when the city was patriarchal or when it was not because of these non-patriarchal cities clearly still within the matristic and had large warehouses and silos for the surplus, the surplus does not determine the appearance of private property, neither the urban agglomeration determines the hierarchy, the hierarchy of functions, because there are no traces major conurbations of hierarchy of functions, one does not necessarily bring the other. Public

: if there is something not picked up on when he began the imposition of higher to lower, I mean when you start, you know of any era or any culture at some point something like We are currently posing as we are doing wrong and needs improving? Casilda

: for if there have been at some point, I think in the nineteenth century, there were some movements are very important, very important, they began to see clearly that this was nonsense . Well I'm a fan of Kropotkin, but look how far in the nineteenth century aristocrats had to princes began to think all these good things and thought the artist was in the nineteenth century, and were educated people and the same also in the bourgeoisie There were a number of enlightened people his personal convictions were beyond their terms of class and began to investigate and worry and has been a lot of school, what happens is that all this has set, has not developed, or not finish something in a social alternative, but concerns my mother, has been clear that, many, the readings are of many nineteenth century writers, the same Tolstoy, Dostoevsky himself, number of authors who see them as he was suffering humanity and were going in one direction etc, etc and there were major movements of liberation is another thing and because it has led road map ... Public

: Well I wanted to tell you that I found very important as you started the conversation with the history of the link to retrieve through the drive, it seems that in this movement we are all, it is very important, that is not also something that is not there to catch the baby must have look is the link that is vital, I liked it because I have a feeling when I hear so conferences that I found very important, then also what you said .. you have to turn over all this. rely on the self-starting idea .. you this? because we are children, we come from many generations of non-self, are children of rigid uteri.

(3 / 7) Learning from the fundamental human qualities

(5 / 7) Learning from the fundamental human qualities


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