My Boys Symptom List (written 03/19/09)

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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Adam & Brandon's symptoms

Adam symptoms & history of possible medical problems from Lyme:

~ Mono symptoms (for the last 6 months or so he is sleeping way more then normal and sometimes he can't wake up, many days of being late or missing school lately)

~ swollen glands & sore throats

~ frequent colds & allergies

~ no appetite (very thin)

~ has complained of various pains from muscles and ribs

~ leg & muscle pains when running (last week this got very severe after he ran track and he missed 2 days of school, then has had weakness since then, with troubles walking and dragging feet at school)

~ swelling around his knees

~ rashes (and eczema as a baby) (very sensitive skin)

~ appears to be sensitive to some medications

~ sensory problems (sensitive to pain & touch)

~ memory problems & forgetfulness

~ depression, moodiness & withdrawn

~ fatigue & poor stamina

~ stomach pains (gas) (also had an inguinal hernia and a stomach ulcer)

~ possible exercise intolerance (lots of troubles with pain and weakness after exercising)

~ headaches sometimes

~ ringing in the ears

~ ADHD like symptoms when he was in elementary school

~ a seizure when a baby (maybe from fever?)

~ complained of heart pain (this was years ago & he had normal heart tests so we thought dehydration but it happened several times)

Adam doesn't always tell me his symptoms so I am not sure if there are more?


Brandons symptoms & history of possible medical problems from Lyme:

~ He has Aspergers (there is an autism/lyme connection)

~ anxiety

~ sensory problems (sensitive to pain, light, sound, heat, textures, smells)

~ eating disorder (very limited diet and sensitive to food textures)

~ vision problems (stabbing pains, double vision, involuntary eye movements, sensitive to light, eye floaters)

~ pain with urination (this has become urinary urgency & has been severe at times, worse when sitting, he misses school with this symptom)

~ moods swings & anxiety/depression/irritability/anger bursts

~ over-emotional reactions, crying easily

~ asthma, allergies & chronic infections

~ memory problems, forgetfulness

~ poor attention, focus & concentration problems

~ speech problems & slurred speech (I notice this at times)

~ letter and number reversals

~ nose bleeds

~ difficulty with swallowing sometimes

~ headaches (sometimes stabbing pains)

~ motion sickness & vertigo

~ nausea & heartburn

~ low body temp (almost every morning, troubles getting to school on time from it)

~ night sweats

~ fatigue & poor stamina

~ insomnia (hard time falling asleep & staying asleep & hard time waking up)

~ weight issues (overweight)

~ itchy rashes (he gets rashes a lot & has a rash on his cheeks at all times)

~ shortness of breath

~ dizzy & lightheaded after exercising

~ stomach problems (constipation, diarrhea, stomach pains)

~ clumsy and off balance

~ muscle weakness

~ tingling in hands & feet

~ ringing in the ears

~ sharp stabbing random pains all over body

~ pain areas he has complained of are eyes, ears, ribs, back & feet

~ stiff neck

~ jaw pain

~ joint cracking (joint problems can turn into arthritis)

~ fluid behind the knees (called Baker's cyst)

~ possible orthostatic hypotension (doctor did blood pressure while laying and then sitting and his pressure dropped 20 pts)

~ recent problem with tops of hands ~ very red, looks sunburned, burns and itches, sometimes so severe he can't go to school (not sure if allergy to new vitamins or lyme symptom?)

Some of these symptoms and health problems can be attributed to other things. But it is when you start to get so many at one time that you might question Lyme. Then when you have others in your family with it you would question it for sure!