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                                                        Sample Paper 2

Here are some questions related to Bank PO & Clerk Exams. These questions are based on Computer Knowledge .

1.   Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of:
A.   spooling.
B.   identity theft.
C.   spoofing.
D.   hacking.
Answer:   B

2.   What type of virus uses computer hosts to reproduce itself?
A.   Time bomb
B.   Worm
C.   Melissa virus
D.   Macro virus
Answer:   B

3.   What is the name of an application program that gathers user
information and sends it to someone through the Internet?
A.   A virus
B.   Spybot
C.   Logic bomb
D.   Security patch
Answer:   B

4.   ___________ is the measurement of things such as fingerprints and retinal scans used for security access.
A.   Biometrics
B.   Biomeasurement
C.   Computer security
D.   Smart weapon machinery
Answer:   A

5.   If you want to secure a message, use a(n):
A.   cryptology source.
B.   encryption key.
C.   encryption software package.
D.   cryptosystem.
Answer:   D

6.   Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers ?
(A)   Personal Computers
(B)   Supercomputers
(C)   Laptops
(D)   Notebooks
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (B)

7.   The role of a………generally is to determine a buyer’s needs and match it to the correct hardware and software.
(A)   computer Scientist
(B)   computer sales representative
(C)   computer consultant
(D)   corporate trainer
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (B)

8.   Arithmetic Operations—
(A)   involve matching one data item to another to determine if the first item is greater than, equal to,
or less than the other item
(B)   sort data items according to standard, predefined criteria in ascending order or descending order
(C)   use conditions with operators such as AND, OR and NOT
(D)   include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (D)

9.   Market Expansion means—
(A)   hiring more staff
(B)   firing more staff
(C)   buying more products
(D)   buying more companies
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (E)

10.   One of the following is a target group for the marketing of Internet Banking.
(A)   All the customers
(B)   All the educated customers
(C)   All the computer educated customers
(D)   Only creditors
(E)   All of these
Answer :   (C)

11.   Proper pricing is needed for -
(A)   Extra charges of extra services
(B)   Levy of VAT
(C)   Good customer services
(D)   Putting burden on the customer
(E)   Service with extra facilities
Answer:   (C)

12.   A good seller should have the following quality/qualities ?
(A)   Devotion to the work
(B)   Submissive
(C)   Sympathy
(D)   All of these
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (D)

13.   The aim of successful marketing is—
(A)   to increase the sale
(B)   to increase the profit
(C)   to increase the output of sellers
(D)   All of these
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (D)

14.   Bank Marketing means -
(A)   Selling of Banks
(B)   Booting of banks
(C)   Merger of banks
(D)   selling bank’s products and services
(E)   Selling various items in banks
Answer:   (D)

15.   A lead means -
(A)   A bank’s marketing staff
(B)   A religious leader
(C)   Bank’s chairman
(D)   Target Customer
(E)   Leash tied to a dog
Answer:   (D)

16.   The role of a………generally is to determine a buyer’s needs and match it to the correct hardware and software.
(A)   computer Scientist
(B)   computer sales representative
(C)   computer consultant
(D)   corporate trainer
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (B)

17.   Microsoft Word is an example of—
(A)   an operating system
(B)   a processing device
(C)   application software
(D)   an input device
(E)   None of these
Answer :   (B)

18.   Father of ‘C’ programming language
A.   Dennis Ritchie
B.   Prof Jhon Kemeny
C.   Thomas Kurtz
D.   Bill Gates
E.   None
Answer:   (A)

19.   The device used to carry digital data on analog lines is called as
A.   Modem
B.   Multiplexer
C.   Modulator
D.   Demodulator
E.   None
Answer:   (A)

20.   Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as
A.   Spam
B.   Trash
C.   Calibri
D.   Courier
E.   None
Answer:   (A)

21.   The devices you use to enter data into a computer system are known as ____________ devices.
Answer:   input

22.   The devices on a computer system that
let you see the processed information are known as ____________ devices.
Answer:   output

23.   ____________ is the set of computer instructions or programs that enables
the hardware to perform different tasks.
Answer:   Software

24.   When you connect to the ____________, your computer is communicating with a server at
your Internet service provider (ISP).
Answer:   Internet

25.   ____________ are computers that excel at executing many different computer programs at the same time.
Answer:   Mainframes

26.   ____________is the application of computer systems and techniques to gather legal evidence.
Answer:   Computer forensics

27.   ____________ is the science that attempts to create machines that will emulate the human thought process.
Answer:   Artificial intelligence (AI)

28.   Macintosh computers use the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS),
whereas PCs generally run ____________ as an operating system.
Answer:   Microsoft Windows

29.   A process known as ____________ tracks trends and allows retailers to respond to consumer buying patterns.
Answer:   data mining

30.   Hard disk drives and CD drives are examples of ____________ devices.
Answer: storage

31.   You would use ____________ software to create spreadsheets, type documents, and edit photos.
Answer:   application

32.   ____________ are computers that support hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously.
Answer:   Mainframes

33.   ____________ is the term given to the act of stealing someone’s identity and ruining their credit rating.
Answer:   Identity theft

34.   Surgeons are using ____________ to guide robots to perform delicate surgery.
Answer:   computers

35.   Patient ____________ are life-sized mannequins that have a pulse and a heartbeat and
respond to procedures just like humans.
Answer:   simulators

True and False

36.   Currently, the performance of tasks by robots is based on preprogrammed algorithms.
Answer:   True

37.   Data can be a number, a word, a picture, or a sound.
Answer:   True

38.   Strictly defined, a computer is a data processing device.
Answer:   True

39.   The discrepancy between the “haves” and “have-nots” with regard to computer technology is commonly referred to as the digital society.
Answer:   False (digital divide)

40.   One of the benefits of becoming computer fluent is being a savvy computer
user and consumer and knowing how to avoid viruses, the programs that pose threats to computer security.
Answer:   True

41.   Trend-spotting programs, developed for business, have been used to predict criminal activity.
Answer:   True

42.   Employers do not have the right to monitor e-mail and network traffic on employee systems used at work.
Answer:   False

43.   Clicking on an icon with the mouse is a form of giving an instruction to the computer.
Answer:   True

44.   Output devices store instructions or data that the CPU processes.
Answer:   False (memory)

45.   The CPU and memory are located on a special circuit board in the system unit called the motherboard.
Answer:   True

46.   Nanostructures represent the smallest human-made structures that can be built.
Answer:   True

47.   The main difference between a supercomputer and a mainframe is that supercomputers
are designed to execute a few programs as quickly as possible, whereas mainframes are
designed to handle many programs running at the same time (but at a slower pace).
Answer:   True

48.   Being computer fluent means that you should be able to build a computer yourself.
Answer:   False

49.   Embedded computers are self-contained computer devices that have their own programming and do not receive input.
Answer:   True

50.   A Web browser is a special device that is installed in your computer that allows
it to communicate with other devices on a network.
Answer:   False (network adapter)

51.   With a wireless network, it is easier to relocate devices.
Answer:   True

52.   The most common type of memory that the computer uses to process data is ROM.
Answer:   False (RAM)


53.   Match the following terms with their approximate size:
I.   kilobyte A. one million bytes
II.   byte B. eight bits
III.   gigabyte C. one thousand bytes
IV.   megabyte D. one billion bytes
V.   terabyte E. one trillion bytes
Answer:   C, B, D, A, E

54.   Match the following terms with their meanings:
I.   printer A. storage device
II.   scanner B. output device
III.   RAM C. input device
IV.   CPU D. a type of memory
V.   CD drive E. processor
Answer:   B, C, D, E, A

55.   Match the following terms with their meanings:
I.   mainframe A. the most expensive computers that perform complex calculations extremely rapidly
II.   supercomputer B. a computer that provides resources to other computers connected to a network
III.   embedded computer C. a large, expensive computer that supports hundreds or thousands of users simultaneously
IV.   PDA D. a self-contained computer device that usually performs preprogrammed functions such as temperature control
V.   server E. a small mobile computing device
Answer:   C, A, D, E, B

56.   Match the following terms with their meanings:
I.   software A. transforming data into information
II.   hardware B. data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion
III.   operating system C. any part of the computer that you can physically touch
IV.   processing D. a set of computer programs that enables hardware to perform different tasks
V.   information E. the most common type of system software, it controls the way in which the computer system functions
Answer:   D, C, E, A, B

57.   Match the following terms with their meanings:
I.   system software A. the set of programs that enables computer hardware devices and application
software to work together
II.   application software B. the kind of operating system software you will use depends on this
III.   platform C. operating system software generally used on PCs
IV.   Microsoft Windows D. a set of programs used to accomplish a specific task
V.   Mac OS E. operating system software used on the Apple Macintosh
Answer:   A, D, B, C, E

58.   Match the following terms with their meanings:
I.   data A. the main circuit board in the system unit
II.   memory B. the representation of a fact or idea (unprocessed information)
III.   output C. processed data or information
IV.   storage D. holds instructions or data that the CPU processes
V.   motherboard E. data or information that can be accessed again
Answer:   B, D, C, E, A

59.   Match the following terms with their meanings:
I.   bit A. the science revolving around the use of nanostructures to build devices on an extremely small scale
II.   binary language B. the case that contains the system components
III.   instructions C. consists of 0s and 1s
IV.   system unit D. short for binary digit
V.   nanotechnology E. steps and tasks necessary to process data into usable information
Answer:   D, C, E, B, A

60.   Match the following fields to the related computer technology:
I.   medicine A. Internet research and virtual tours
II.   business B. data mining
III.   law enforcement C. robotics and simulation
IV.   education D. computer forensics
V.   archeology E. digital recreations of ruins
Answer:   C, B, D, A, E