The hazards of working in the woods....

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 A few weeks ago we were working out on our property on a Saturday and we had a wonderful day, but.....
 ...the next morning I was here. :( I was getting ready for church and as I got out of the shower I noticed a big dark thing on my back at my bra line. I was freaked out thinking it was some kind of cancer, but upon closer inspection I realized it was a tick! Yuck! I quickly found my husband and he removed the darn thing with tweezers.
 This is what it looked like (this photo was actually taken two years ago from a tick that had bitten my son, Hayden).
 We felt like my husband had gotten it all out because we saw it move around on the counter and it looked intact. But later upon closer inspection, it looked as if there was something still in the wound.
 We decided it be best that I go to the doctor. My husband went on to church and I head down to the Urgent Care.
 The doctor came in and inspected me and said my hubby did a great job and got the entire thing out, but that it was wise I start on an antibiotic to help prevent Lyme's disease. I am so thankful that I saw it otherwise he would have been chomping on me for several days. The doctor said the chances of getting Lyme's disease is significantly lowered if you get the tick out in under 24 hours. I felt a pinch in that spot at 4:00 pm on Saturday and we got it out about 10:00 am Sunday, so that was good. The upsetting thing is that other than that initial pinch, I never felt a thing and would not have even noticed it if I didn't see it! I'm so thankful I saw it and we got it out! My son had a similar situation, he felt the pinch and then actually felt the tick when he was washing in the shower and he got it out with his fingernail. I feel so bad that he didn't go to the doctor, I believe he was going somewhere and he didn't want to go to the doctor. Thankfully, he didn't have any signs of infection.
 Speaking of Hayden, here's another hazard that we encountered while working in the woods. Both Hayden and I contracted poison oak! Hayden's was far worse than mine, as he got it in his eyes. He had to go to the doctor to get a steroid injection, which helped within 12 hours. My poison oak came a few days later and I still have it, but it is finally drying out. I tend to get it pretty bad. I put apple cider vinegar on it and that seems to help it a lot.
 I am always confused on what poison oak looks like and so with the help of my husband, we identified it and I took some pictures. This is a regular oak tree, it is safe and will not cause harm.
 It has three leaves, but it's a matted color, not shiny.
 This is poison oak.
 It's leaves look very much like the regular oak tree, but it's more waxy and shiny.
 Wow, just looking at it makes me itch! I bet that shiny waxy look is the oils that spread to our skin and clothes. There's an old saying, "Leaves of three, let it be!" or "Leaves of three, stay away from me!"
 So next time you're doing this......
.....and you want to avoid this, beware of the hazards that are out there. Next time I will spray on bug spray with lavender to ward off the ticks and I will be more aware and careful of the poison oak!

"The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours; the world and all it contains, You have founded them." Psalms 89:11

Hugs, Sharon