Coxsackie A-16 and my poor Sean

Source:  Coxsackie A-16 and my poor Sean    Tag:  coxsackie a16 virus
Otherwise known as the lovely "Hand, foot, and mouth disease". My sick little guy developed blisters on his lips and inside his mouth earlier this week. As they got worse and he was having discomfort with eating, I decided to send him to the Dr.-where he was diagnosed with this lovely virus.
I am guessing he contracted it from an indoor playground we took the boys to a couple weeks ago. Since Sean loves to shove about anything in his mouth, it certainly is not a surprise!
He had a low grade fever today and seems to be just cranky and irritable at times- but he'll live. His blisters are drying up and healing so he's getting better. Poor guy.:(
Tomorrow we are doing a "Dreyer family beach outing" , very early-before the temperature reaches 400 degrees farenheit.
Ha ha, David just loves it when I make him do family outings. Actually, I think he might have a little bit of fun. Myself? I simply enjoy watching the boys be happy. I feel like I am doing my proper job as a parent if I can completely wear them out by the end of a day. Trust me, that is not any simple task when you have two little boys with seemingly endless energy!!! Okay ,it's actually only one-Seth never seems to get tired-ever. It takes ALOT to exhaust him...
Not so much to exhaust me, on the other hand. Speaking bed is calling me. Night Night!