Polio Virus

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Answer questions 1-3 can be answered by visiting one of the following websites.
Answer questions 4-8 by reading the newspaper article from the Chicago Tribune given out in class from Thursday, Jan 22 Section 1 page 15 Gates throws millions at polio.
Polio Virus
Polio Eradication
1. What is Polio?
2. How is Polio spread?
3. How is Polio prevented? What happened in 1955 that helped prevent Polio?
4. What has changed about the prevalence of Polio in the world since 1988?
5. What countries does Polio still thrive in?
6. Why do you think it still thrives in these countries?
7. Why is it a concern to OUR health if Polio is not eradicated in those countries?
8. How do the prevalence of Polio and Smallpox compare?