From good to not so good

Source:  From good to not so good    Tag:  bk virus hemorrhagic cystitis
Things haven't gone as we had hoped. As I said Caitlin has haemorrhagic cystitis which has been caused by the BK virus. There's not a lot you can do to get rid of it, it's just a matter of making her comfortable and riding it out. On wednesday 2nd the decision was made to give her a catheter, this was so she could get some rest and to help with the pain. It wasn't the most pleasant experience but it was necessary. This one kept blocking so on saturday it was removed. They gave her a few hours rest before a new one had to go back in. This one kept blocking also, then her pain became unbearable. So at 8.45 pm on saturday night Caitlin went into theatre to have another one put in, this one has its own flush etc. while in theatre they removed a lot of clots that were causing the blockages. Before she went into theatre she had to have an ultra sound, they called to say they were ready for her to go down and have it done, but we couldn't leave, the ward had been put on lockdown. The fire alarm was set off and no one knew why. It turns out someone doing some work on the ward accidentally set it off. That was a bit of excitement to break the day up!
She has had a few blood and platelet transfusions also another ultra sound.
So it's just a waiting game...........