Airborne Diseases

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I went to an Air Show at Hill Air Force Base, and saw a Al-Quida operative.

How could I tell you ask? Well I'll explain.

For the most part, Air Show attendees are your average truck driving, right wing, blow crap up, republican, red-neck type, nut job type.

Then I saw her -- Early 20's, shorts so short her butt cheeks were hanging out, piercings all over her face and and a tramp stamp on her back . . . and arm . . . and stomach . . . and chest . . . and legs . . . and butt . . . and boob . . . well, you get the picture.

I first realized something was wrong when she walked in front of my chair and stood their eying the FA18 Hornet. The closer she got, the more I realized that I was in mortal danger of catching a disease by proximity, a process that biologists call a "Species Jump."

And that's when I realized, she was a walking biological weapon. All she needed to do was get on a plane and it was all over.

So I did what any conscientious citizen would do. Pointed out to everyone that she was hanging out of her tube top, giggled and went back to watching the FA18.