Chicken Pox Peppered Christmas

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First of all, I'd like to greet everyone a Happy New Year! I hope you had a great New Year's Eve celebration.

My last post was on December 23rd and so forgive me if I have to share our Christmas stories just now. Christmas and New Year came and just flew by for us. Sadly, my boys did not enjoy Christmas Day to the fullest. They did not go anywhere, because Sam and I had chicken pox a few days before Christmas and I had fever for a few days. Basti had to stay with the in-laws for the whole of the Christmas holiday to avoid getting infected with the virus. So it's just the two younger ones, Sam and Simon, who spent Christmas with us. 

A few days before symptoms of chicken pox set in, Sam was able to attend his first ever Christmas party. 

I'm so happy to see Sam enjoying so much in his first Christmas party without throwing any tantrums. Last year, he left early crying because he wanted to go home. He doesn't really like crowded places that much.

Christmas Eve, the kids opened their presents from uncles and aunts before going to sleep. You can see Sam with blisters on his face but he was still very happy and enthusiastic to open gifts. The look on his face is priceless.  Both the boys love the toys they got, their favorite being these two Transformers.

And here's Simon with his wacky poses. Hubby is concerned that he'll continue to do wacky poses as he grows up. LOL. 

Last, let me share with you some of the food that we ate on New Year's Eve, courtesy of my sister and hubby. I'm beginning to enjoy taking pictures of food. I love the presentation of that yellow gelatin. 

Overall, our Christmas and New Year holidays are not the best ones that we had as a family. But I am thankful still   because it was one of the most peaceful one I had yet. It was the most restful, too, obviously. It was good that we just stayed at home and just enjoyed each other's company. I'm so thankful that my boys are not demanding and are easily pleased by and are appreciative  of simple things. 

We're still dealing with chicken pox as of today. It's Basti and Simon's turn. It's great though that I'm already well enough to take care of them now. 

With the new year came a new look. That's why I have decided to change the look of our online diary here at MaiThreeBoyz. I so love our old layout, color and theme (that is so me) but my boys may want something more 'boyish'. So here goes. I hope you like our new design and color which is blue. 

May you all have a great year ahead!

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