Tell the difference between a cold and a flu

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When you have a cold, you cough, you sneeze and you have a headache. But those are also flu symptoms. To get rid of whatever you are suffering from, it's essential to distinguish them from one another. Here are the best ways to tell the difference.

Identify the symptoms

The symptoms of the flu and a cold are quite similar: fever, headache, sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue and body aches.

Learn what they mean

Most of the time, flu symptoms are more severe, such as painful body aches and a very high fever, but they don't last more than 10 days. It's the contrary for cold symptoms. They will be less severe, but will last longer it you don't act against them.

The best way to be sure

The best way is still to see a doctor. He will know how to tell the difference between a flu virus and a common cold. He will also tell you how to get rid of it. If you want some home remedies for both cold and flu, get some rest, eat well and drink a lot of liquids.