My Tooth Infection & Me!

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I finally get to a point in which I have a decent amount of work daily and the trend sees it growing even more as time goes on. The problem is that for the last two weeks (and the next week at least) I have been unable to work! It figures, I finally get to a point where I reached one of my short term goals and this happens. Why can't I work? That's easy..  I have a massive tooth infection. A week ago it spread and I ended up hospitalized and now I am having a hard time finding a dentist, or oral surgeon actually, that is willing to handle the situation at a reasonable rate and as quickly as possible.

I cannot concentrate for the most part. They have been unable to get me out of pain and as a result I have suffered. I can't eat, can't sleep, can't focus, I can't do anything hardly. At this point it has taken me about 15 minutes plus just to write this couple paragraphs. Between mistakes, corrections, and concentration problems I'm surprised I have gotten this far. Thank God for Spell Checker!

I WILL return and I will be stronger than ever! I hope.

See you guys in a week.