Genital candidiasis in the confusion disease

Source:  Genital candidiasis in the confusion disease    Tag:  adenovirus urethritis
The disease mainly Trichomonas vaginitis and trichomoniasis caused by the male non-gonococcal urethritis differential phase. 1. Trichomonas vaginitis, vaginal secretions increase was bubble-shaped, sometimes with serous or pyogenic, taste odor. And there urethritis, cystitis, cervicitis, urethral gland and adjacent Barthel adenovirus infection, kidney occasionally Meng nephritis. There will be dysuria, hematuria and nocturia. Vaginal examination showed congestive cervical, vaginal wall hyperemia and edema, and hemorrhage, with strawberry-like appearance of the characteristic performance. Yin will be available Road trichomoniasis. 2. Male non-gonococcal urethritis symptoms of gonorrhea than light, the performance of urethral itching, discomfort or difficulty urinating, pyogenic secretions can also cause cystitis, prostatitis or epididymitis, urethral secretions can be found trichomoniasis.