CNN: Report: Swine flu could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths

Source:  CNN: Report: Swine flu could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths    Tag:  how many died from swine flu
... August 24, 2009

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The H1N1 flu virus could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths, mainly among children and young adults, if it resurges this fall as expected, according to a report released Monday by a presidential advisory panel.

The report urges speedier production of the H1N1 vaccine and the availability of some doses by September..."

Remember this bologna? I thought I would post it again now that the school year is through, and we have seen what kind of garbage/vaccine sales tools are put out by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Do you know how many people died in Maine from the H1N1 virus? 19.

Well sure the death rate in Maine was practically nill... it is a rural state... but what about a place like California, the most populous state in the nation? 579.

Virginia 37
Iowa 41
New Mexico 58
Illinois 111

Are we at 90,000 yet? Are we even approaching that 36,000 deaths per year that CDC claims die from the flu during a typical season?

Let's go ahead and skip to the grand total of all deaths in the US:

Laboratory Confirmed Influenza-Associated Deaths
(all types of flu and pneumonia)
from August 30 2009 to April 3, 2010



Holdren was off by 98%

(Begs the question... what if you threw a pandemic, and nobody came?)

How exactly does President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology show their faces in public? Why does co-chair John "sterilants in the drinking water" Holdren still have a job?

Estimates range that between four and eight billion dollars was spent on this "pandemic" just in the US. Only a quarter of the population took the shot, and more than 70 million doses are being thrown away (that is mercury.. toxic waste.. hazmat material).

If we were not living in bazzaro world, the media would be raving about the billions wasted, the public would be screaming for hearings and investigations and jail time for fraud, and Barack Obama would have fired all these people and apologized to the American public for this colossal disaster and fear campaign. But apparently Holdren has put quaaludes in the drinking water.

But the really exciting question is... HOW CAN WE MAKE SURE THAT WE GET THE H1N1 STRAIN EVERY YEAR! How awesome is it that CDC reports 36,000 deaths every year and we had less than a tenth of that this year! Why is CDC not partying in the street!? We have found the safest flu ever!!!