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I was asked to describe some of the health activities i have run thus far--here is a quick list!

Activity One (pst)-Began the lesson on Drunk Driving with a pre-test (to see how much the students knew at the beg. of the lesson). Delivered powerpoint on the dangers of drunk driving, later we had the students come up and put on a pair of sunglasses that were covered in vaseline. we asked the students to juggle three balloons. the objective of this activity was to simulate drunk driving...and it was pretty entertaining.We ended with a post-test.
Activity two (pst)- with kindergardeners we talked about germs and the ways in which you can get germs. we showed the transfer of germs threw hand shaking/ high fives (amiee drew a great picture of a germ and taped it to our hands) i initiated the chain reaction, i displayed my germ infested hand, then shook brea's hand who then showed her germ-y hand, who then shook amiee's hand etc. after that we put vaseline on all of the students hands, and coffee (germs) on four of the students hands. we had the children shake each other's hands until all of the kids had germs/coffee. then we brought in our water filter and soap and had all of the kids wash their hands for thirty seconds.
Activity three- sun exposure (my site is located near the beach), power point followed by activity in which i had made different sun accessories (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc) and a picture of a woman. i read aloud scenarios--jane is going to the beach, what should she bring, and had the participants place different items on the model. afterwards we discussed which items would be necessary in order to protect oneself from sun damage. 
Activity four- breast cancer, march to create awareness, powerpoint, had oncologist speak about breast cancer and how to perform a self-breast exam. had breast models in different stages of cancer (different sized lumps) so that the woman could practice doing a self exam on the models and recognize what a lump feels like. 
Activity five-done with high school girls, talking about mental health, showed a clip of mean girls and proceeded to talk about self esteem and ways in which you can cope with different situations

Here are some pics of the aforementioned activities

one woman at the sun exposure activity decided to be the model for our accessories! 

 drunk driving- balloons-girl pictured is wearing vaseline glasses, very disorienting
  hand wash activity 
teaching dance
 germ activity,  playing catch-demonstrating different ways to spread germs
Breast Model