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On this occasion, I bring one of the most hardcore games I've played. Not only is full of violence and blood, is also one of the most artistic games I've been fortunate to enjoy.

My first game of Sega

This game I bought almost two years after it was released, the official date of departure on this continent was in March 2009. I bought it later, because at first I was very appealing. And to confirm that it is a great work, just see the ratings they have given sites like IGN, which gave it a 9.0.

This game Sega, which incidentally, is the first to buy this company (I get a compilation of Sonic that came out for the Game Cube). But the development was done by Platinum Games.

The bloodiest event in the history

all starts at Jefferson Island. That has sparked a big mess with vested interests. The island has been under siege and has broken all all communications with the rest of the world, only a few know the truth, a few eccentric billionaires betting on games bloody: DeathWatch.

The island has been transformed into a great "reality show where contestants have to kill people to survive, and obviously win a prize millionaire.

Chaos is immense, but on the third day of the games appears Jack, a warrior so powerful enough to become champion and destroy those who are behind all this.

The story is great, little by little we know more secrets and discover the truth about the creators of DeathWatch and above all, the main character, Jack.

Jack: The fusion of Marv (Sin City) and Hellboy

Now let's talk about gameplay. The main character is Jack, who is very strong and his main weapon is a lethal electric closes to keep and use it whenever you want, it is placed in the glove of his right hand.


use the Wiimote to use their attacks, we have the normal swings, which are carried out just by pressing the 'A', but to close must use the hold button 'B', then if we move the control up or down, Jack will do the same with the closing. If you move to the right or left, anyway.

In the scenarios will be plenty of things that can kill our enemies, the more elaborate the slaughter, the more points you receive (especially for hardcore gamers). For that, we can grab a tire and used to immobilize the opponent, then starting a signal 'High' and key in the neck, to end deadly skewered on picks (may not be sexual) is in the course of the stage. Such actions are what we generate more points. Thus, we must use our creativity, but to better understand what I'm saying, here I leave this video:

At the end of each level we will face a boss , which are very dynamic and have fairly elaborate ways to eliminate them.

a work of art All

At first I thought the graphics would be annoying, as the game is in black and white comic style. In fact the only colors besides black that there are red and yellow, blood red and yellow for certain menus.

The places are very well recreated, the atmosphere is great, the leaves of trees, dust, rain, everything is perfectly set up, but this is the last thing you look, because stop attacking enemies, the action is constant and there is no time for boredom.

addition, the soundtrack is great, few games have a soundtrack as good as this. There are some songs that mark perfectly the action of different levels. I want to highlight in particular the following:

Sick YG - Is not That Funny

Ox - Let's Go

Wordsmith - Death & Honor

If you can access the youtube page or find the lyrics of songs, he is perfect and well chingonas. Undoubtedly, a soundtrack that I bought.

After defeating the champion

The game does not end there, then you can go back missions, but now with new items such as a katana or close double, as well as to improve your score.

In closing, I think with this type of game shows that Nintendo is not just for children, there are all kinds of great games, if you can, give it a chance. Now, as always, the wallpaper

We continue to read and to bless Thor.