Lyme Disease and Young Living Products

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The following might be of interest to you... Leslie gave me
permission to share this information with others... Today, Leslie

is a vibrant, healthy, beautiful young woman.

Sincerely, Vicki Opfer

Dear Vicki,

Back in October 1998, I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. I was 39

years old. It started one morning when I woke up I had a pain (a

dull ache) in my left wrist and later that evening I developed the

same ache in my right wrist - didn't think much about it till the

next morning when the ache was worse I called my brother (who is a

paramedic) he said sometimes people can get a virus in their joints -

I thought that's it - went to the cupboard and got out my Echinacea

took it through out the day.

When I woke the next day I was unable to walk on my left foot and

could not bend my toes and my left hand was crippled and I was unable

to bend my thumb - decided it was time to go to Doctor (which is

something I rarely did) My doctor tested me for a few different

things Lupus, MS, Lyme's - a couple of days later they called and

said it was Lyme's - I thought great I would take a few antibiotics

and it would be over (little did I know It was just the beginning of

a up hill battle)

I was on heavy doses of antibiotics for Two months and because of the

antibiotics and the weakening of my immune system, I developed

chronic PVC (heart) and Rheumatoid Arthritis, my thyroid was

destroyed and my muscle wasted away I also developed Epstein Barr.

I was one of those fortunate few (always a size 4) who was able to

eat anything and never gain weight - not anymore. I gained 50 pounds

in about 45 days of starting the antibiotics.

Right after Christmas I became very lethargic. I would sit on the

couch all day long. My kids would always be asking me to play with

them and my brain was screaming at me "get up go do something -

anything just get up" but I was unable to move. At night I would cry

myself to sleep because of the pain and knowing I wasted another day

that I could never get back. I was tired of the pain and for the 1st

time of my life I became depressed. The lowest point of this was one

day in February 1999 I bent down to pick up something off the floor

and was unable to stand up-my muscle gave out - I had no strength in

my legs my children had to pick me up off the floor and get me to the


That's when my mother told me that we need to find an answer and that

Dr. Gary Young was speaking in Fort Myers the next week and said she would like to take me to go hear him speak. I was so impressed by what he had to say that day and by his sincerity and we waited

afterward to speak to him. When I told him what I had - He told me to put the essential oils Oregano and Thyme on the bottoms of my feet and Sulfurzyme for my Arthritis and Thyromin for my thyroid. We came home and ordered the products I also ordered the essential 7 kit so I could try other oils (the JOY became my favorite oil it did wonders for my depression)

I would put Oregano and Thyme on my feet twice a day. I started taking 1 tsp of Sulfurzyme twice a day, but did not get the results for my arthritis quick enough so after a couple of weeks I up the dose to 1 tablespoon twice a day - within 2 weeks my pain was gone.

After about 6 months I cut back to once a day, then to whenever I felt my pain coming back. Now the more I learn about Sulfurzyme and hear other testimonies on what it has done for them I have now gone back to taking 1 tablespoon once or twice every day - (This is by far my favorite product in the supplements line and I learned to LOVE the taste of it).

The Thyromin I took 2 in morning and 2 at night for about 6 months then cut back to just 2 at night. It took about a year but all of a

sudden the weight just started falling off me and I went down to my

normal size, my metabolism was increasing and I did not have the


As for my heart I would take HRT for the chest pain (this product

works very fast), CardiaCare to build back my heart muscle, and Aroma

Life on the bottom of my left foot and my heart is getting stronger.

In 2002 I went off the products because of financial reason and

within 3 months the weight started to come back on (only gained 30

pounds this time) and the pain slowly came back into my joints.

I know these products WORK and I decided no matter what it took I

needed to get back on them. All of these products are fantastic, but

you must get them into your system and give them time to work. This

was back in February 1999 - If I may quote a cliché "If I knew then

what I know now" I would have added other products to this.

There are so many new products that I would have gone on also like

Longevity capsules and NingXia Red for your Immune systems to

speed up the healing. When you have a strong immune system - disease

cannot take over. I would have done the Lemon Aid Cleanse by Stanley

Burroughs to get what residue the antibiotics left behind.

Raindrop technique is a great way to get these oils into the system.

Lyme's disease attacks people differently. Some it attacks the

joints and heart like mine other's it may attack the neurological

and/or the eyes. No matter what the disease - there is always hope

the main thing is don't give up.

Young Living has products that can help in every area. You didn't

get to this place overnight - you can't fix it overnight. The one

story that Gary Young told us that day that has always stayed w/ me.

Was about when he was paralyzed it took about 256 days before he was

able to move his toes. The question he asked us was "what if I would

have quit on the 250th day. He would have missed his Healing Miracle

and we would not have the products we have today. Don't miss out on

your Healing Miracle and don't ever quit learning ways to better

yourself and others.

Thank you, Leslie