Roundworm Classification

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  • Pinworms

    • The pinworm is a thin and thread-like parasite commonly found in the digestive systems of children in tropical areas. These worms can enter the body through any orifice and take residence particularly in the rectum and the intestines. Pinworms can cause intense itching, loss of appetite, sleep loss, and abdominal pains, though they can also cause more serious conditions like appendicitis. Pinworms usually run their course in the body and many doctors suggest waiting them out, though others suggest prescription drugs like Mebendazole, though these medications may have side effects of their own.


    • Hookworms are intestinal parasites that commonly reside in both humans and dogs. According to Dr. Dan's website, these worms are primarily spread through exposure to feces, animal or human. Symptoms of hookworm include itching, pimply rashes at entry site, and abdominal distress. They can also lead to more serious conditions such as anemia or gastrointestinal bleeding. Hookworms are treated with drugs such as Mebendazole and Albendazole.


    • Whipworms infest human bodies all over the world, and are spread when the eggs are exposed to orifices such as the mouth, eyes, or anus. Humans are the only known host of this worm, according to eMedicine. Most infections are asymptomatic, making it hard to diagnose or even detect. These worms are treated with Vermox or Revapol.