Coxsackie Virus

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Cal has the Coxsackie virus (go ahead and giggle a little), also known as Hand-Foot-Mouth disease.  Parenting fail - we totally missed the signs, thinking it was teething.  His nose was running, he was drooling excessively, was clingy and whiny.  He wouldn't eat, only drink.  We went from 3 bottles a day to 6 or 7. We checked for fever multiple times, but he never got above 98.  It wasn't until the rash started that we began to worry.

It started around his mouth.  Red, bumpy, irritated looking.  Because he had been so miserable, we had allowed him to use his paci outside of his crib and car seat.  That, plus the snot and drool - we weren't really surprised by the rash.  Then there was a small spot on his butt - which we treated with a little cream.  Suddenly, it was on his hands and legs.  It looked a lot like the virus induced hives he had a few months back, so we gave a dose of Benadryl and called the on-call Pedi.  They agreed Benadryl was a good idea and told us to bring him in the morning if he was worse.  He was.

I had to work, so Billy took him in.  When I called at lunch I got the diagnosis, and as soon as I googled, it made total sense.  The excessive drooling is from the small, ulcer type sores in his mouth and throat.  He wouldn't eat because it hurt, but he would drink because the milk was cool and soothing.  Tylenol helped because he was in pain, Benadryl because the rash itched.  My poor babe.  He spent all day cuddling with Daddy - and our busy boy does not usually cuddle.

Because it is a virus, there is no medicine to treat it.  Cal is currently on a Maalox/Benadryl combo that helps ease his discomfort (coats his throat so he will eat, makes the itching less annoying).  Luckily, our kid LOVES medicine and will eagerly open his little mouth like a bird for the syringe!  He is now eating some solids, but still not what he normally does.  He goes through spurts where he seems totally fine and playful, then he is fussy and clingy.  I can't say I mind the clingy, but the fussy I can do without.