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DHF ( Dengue Fever )

Those who suffer from dengue experiencing pain in the gut , including nausea at the top of the navel and solar plexus. Another with typhoid fever , patients usually suffer from constipation and discomfort in the abdomen . However , if it is not quite satisfied with this explanation , the right move is to do a blood test . However , typhoid fever is usually also descend DBD , when the immune system decreases .

Symptoms of DHF ( Dengue fever )


DHF ( Dengue Fever ) To better know the ins and outs of this disease , you must know the symptoms . Dr. Jerry Balentine , chief medical officer and Vice President of the St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx , as quoted webmd.com said , symptoms of typhoid fever varies . There are also times when the bacteria that enter directly into the body in large quantities does not cause typhoid fever . But only makes the body infected diarrhea , and infections can be healed within one to two days .

Conversely , if the bacteria enter the body is in very small amounts , settle and multiply in the body , even going to bring up the typhoid fever . " The disease begins with a high fever between 39 º -40 º C and more than one week . " Usually patients will experience fever began at night , tomorrow morning the symptoms disappear , but continued to subsequent nights , " said Jerry .

If the fever attacked at night , then with the passage of days, the patient will suffer from fever during the day . Not only that , the fever pattern is increasingly up like stairs . However , typhoid fever , never direct high fever on the first day to the third .

Healing period Dengue fever ( Dengue Fever )


Then on the fourth day , the improvement will happen slowly . Fever decreased gradually and the patient returned to normal temperatures in the next week or 10 days . However , symptoms may arise again during the two weeks after the fever disappears . There is also a paratyphoid fever , caused by Salmonella paratyphi . However , fever is milder than typhoid fever , despite having almost identical symptoms with a shorter incubation period . Period pain is also shorter , and can be quickly cured by taking antibiotics .
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