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Contrary to popular belief, I don't get sick very often.  Yes, I have allergies, and there are days when I feel under the weather, but when it comes to actual infections, I have a fairly healthy immune system.  My boyfriend says that because I wasn't breast-fed and I don't eat vegetables that I'm going to die young.  Ah, I love him.

Anyway, I woke up Monday morning with a killer sore throat.  The sinus plugging started later that day, and the body aches and chills kicked in Monday night.  I haven't slept in 3 nights, mainly because of my throat.  If you've ever read "Twilight", my throat feels like I'm a vampire who hasn't hunted in a year and has just smelled a human.

I also haven't eaten anything in two days besides a smoothie.  I'm just not hungry.  Which is probably the weirdest thing about being sick, because normally I'm ALWAYS hungry.  Maybe it's the cough drops that are coating my stomach, but food just makes me want to throw up right now.

My mother came out to school yesterday and gave me a strep test on my couch (she's a medical assistant).  Let me tell you, I would rather have a tetanus shot than a throat culture.  I have the worst gag reflex ever and my mom had to do TWO of them on me because she didn't get it the first time.  It came out negative, but my mom said my throat looks too bad to just be allergy-related.  She wants me to get a blood test for mono.


I would be royally screwed if I had mono.