my baby has a virus

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My baby has a virus.  It has manifested as a horrible, horrible rash - so bad that I don't even want to post pictures of it.  It's almost confluent on his arms and legs and speckled over his trunk, neck, face, hands, feet, palms and soles. Gone is my pretty baby boy and in his place is this poor, bumpy little guy, a topographical map of virus.

I can be thankful that he doesn't have a fever and that he acts fine.  It doesn't seem to itch him much and he's still smiley and kicky and playful.  I had a GI virus over the past few days and he may have had it also.  I don't know if that virus caused this reaction in him; I know that babies manifest viruses differently than adults.

I took him to the doctor and he didn't think it was Coxsackievirus, the virus that causes hand, foot and mouth disease.  He has no lesions in his mouth like he might with Adenovirus.  It doesn't look like any of the herpetic viruses.  But there are many viruses that could cause a rash in babies, and since he's acting normal I shouldn't worry, but I do.

He's so little; I hate that he has this.  I was almost in tears changing his diaper; I shudder to think how I'll be when he's really sick!