Contratos JAEdoc en Biologia Estructural de Fibras

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Our research group is looking for applicants with a Ph.D. degree to apply for a 3 year postdoctoral position supported by the CSIC JAEdoc program. The deadline for these applications is January 13th, 2012. Information, in Spanish, about this postdoctoral program can be found at the CSIC web page:
Our main lane of research is Structual Biology of Viral Fibres. We use X-ray crystallography to solve fibre structures and aim to use the structural knowledge in applications. Proposals focussing on bacteriophage fibres or on adenovirus fibres are envisaged.

We are looking for postdoctoral fellows with experience in one or more of the following techniques and willingness to learn the others. Useful language skills include Unix and English.
- construction of bacterial expression vectors
- protein purification
- protein crystallography.

Recent publications of our lab include:
- Bartual SG, Otero JM, Garcia-Doval C, Llamas-Saiz AL, Kahn R, Fox GC, van Raaij MJ. Structure of the bacteriophage T4 long tail fiber receptor-binding tip. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2010 Nov 23;107(47):20287-92.
- Guardado-Calvo P, Muñoz EM, Llamas-Saiz AL, Fox GC, Kahn R, Curiel DT, Glasgow JN, van Raaij MJ. Crystallographic structure of porcine adenovirus type 4 fiber head and galectin domains. J Virol. 2010 Oct;84(20):10558-68.

If selected, positions will be available before summer 2012.
There are no nationality restrictions. Interested individuals should submit their CVs and a specific motivation letter by January 2nd, 2012 to the e-mail address indicated.

Mark J van Raaij
Laboratorio M-4
Dpto de Estructura de Macromoleculas
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia - CSIC
c/Darwin 3
E-28049 Madrid, Spain
tel. (+34) 91 585 4616
[email protected]

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Contratos JAEdoc en Biologia Estructural de Fibras Virales