Bushcraft Cooking: Low Country Boil

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Outdoor Cooking: Low Country Boil
One of my favorite meals weather in the woods, camping or at home. While preparation and transportation is a little more difficult when away from electricity is more difficult you can still pull this meal off if you freeze your meat selections and eat the meal the first night of your trip. Like gumbo this boil is limitless in what you can throw in and if you are able to find crawfish, clams, lobster, etc. in your area they will go great into this boil. Items you need for this meal: Old Bay Seasoning, Corn, Red Potatoes,Fully Cooked Kielbasi (2 packs), 1 or 2 bags of large shrimp with peel off and any other goodies you chose to throw into the mix. If you are planning to make this meal in the woods be sure to freeze the meats before you leave to ensure that you have a fresh and good product when it comes time to cook.
1) Picture of the ingredients needed for this classic camp meal. I usually buy 1 ear of corn and 2 potatoes per person and 1 bag of shrimp and 1 container of kielbasi per two people.

2) Fill your bushpot (larger is better- 8 Qt will make enough for 4 people) 1/2 way full with clean drinking water and add 1/2 cup of Old Bay Seasoning (I personally add a little more as I like the dish to have a little more spice). You then bring this mixture to a rolling boil.
3) Clean and quarter your red potatoes (or buy babe reds) and place them into the boiling water for 13 minutes. Remember to stir regularly.
4) After your 13 minutes of cooking your potatoes, you then cut your Kielbasi  into roughly 1/2' sections and place in the boil. Remember to stir regularly.
5) Clean and cut your ears of corn in half and place into the boil letting the potatoes, corn and kielbasi cook for another 7 minutes. Remember to stir regularly.

6) After your 7 minutes clean and add any seafood you may have to the boil and allow it to cook for 3 minutes. Remember to stir regularly.
7) Drain off all of the water from the boil (I also believe you should rinse the food with a little clean water again and drain to get rid of any old bay residual powder). you can then pour the boil out onto a news paper to dry and serve or simply serve from the bushpot.

8) Here it is ready to eat. At this point I add a little extra sprinkle of old bay to give the dish a little extra flavor pop.