Of Melbourne and Roseola

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I've been meaning to blog for awhile now, but haven't had the chance to, coz I've been sick!

More on that later, first let me tell you about my Melbourne trip. We went there over the Easter long weekend, to visit grandma, grandpa and aunty Pegjee!

Here are some pics of our trip, din take many coz mummy's camera ran outta battery on the 2nd day! Can see more pics from aunty PJ's blog here!

On Day 1, we went to St Kilda, had some spanish churros at San Churros Chocolateria,
and walked around the area. It was nice to see all the bakeries, like this one, for example!

At night, we went back to St Kilda for some spanish food.. Hmm, notice a theme here?!

The next morning we had brekkie at Southbank Promenade (free brekkie!)

And after that, we took a road trip to Mornington Peninsula, which was about an hour away from Melbourne. Very pretty and scenic, luckily the weather was good, and didn't rain! Spent the whole day exploring the different places in Mornington, like this national park...
A market in Rosebud,

And this quaint chocolate shop! Forgot to take pic of the chocolate display, very yummy choccies (or so I heard)...

The last day, we just walked around the city (all the shops were closed coz it was Easter Sunday - even Coles!!!) and had lunch at Collingwood Children's Farm. It was Grandpa's birthday! I saw a peacock for the first time!

A few days after we got back, on Thurs night, I suddenly came down with a high fever, 39 degrees. The fever lasted for 3 days, each day, subsiding a bit. By Sun my fever was almost gone, but then I had a few red dots on my tummy. On Mon, the red dots started spreading all over my body and by Tues, my whole body was covered in rashes!!!! Mummy got so worried, and took me to see FOUR doctors who all had the same diagnosis for me --- Roseola, aka "Fake Measles"!!!

It's caused by a viral infection, which only attacks children below the age of 2.

Here are some pics of my rash:
My pitiful face
The good news is, the rash wasn't giving me any discomfort, it just looked bad. And better news, the rash is all gone now. And apparently I will never get it again, I have immunity now!
Here's a pic taken just today, no more rash!!!!
OK, mummy is tired now. We will blog more another day!
See useful article here for more details on Roseola.